Making The upGrade


Back in April we first heard that Apple was planning to release their newest iPhone in September and earlier this month we got official confirmation. Last night/this morning at 12:00 AM PT, the iPhone 5 became available for presale online. As many of you are well aware, Apple has enjoyed many, many years of success selling their products … particularly, the iPhone. In years past, I have clocked more hours than I care to admit waiting in line at Apple stores around the SoCal area. I’ve learned over the years that the best way to get the iPhone on release day is to preorder the phone … IF you can manage it. It is being reported that the entire stock of release day iPhone 5s sold out in under an hour at Dang.

I was among the throngs of people hammering the online Apple Store last night at 12:00 AM and was among the throngs of people who could not access the site at all. Fortunately, I have the Apple Store app installed on my current iPhone and was able to breeze thru the preorder process, securing the iPhone 5 in less than 30 seconds. I’m not sure how difficult it was for others trying to place preorders with the app but I assume many people were very successful seeing that the release day stock of phones sold out so quickly. On release day, next Friday, you can count on seeing massive lines of people waiting in front of Apple Stores all across the country, hoping to get their hands on the iPhone 5. Thankfully, I’ll be one of the lucky folks who will just wait for the phone to be delivered to my door on release day.

So, yeah, that was pretty much the highlight of my night last night. Yesterday afternoon was spent in quiet reflection … it was a very chill day. Not sure what my plan is for today. I’m in a cleaning/purging mood so I may make some headway on that front. We’ll see. I hope you are having a fabulous Friday. Happy Weekend, folks :D

  • PeaButNutter

    Just curious….what do you do with your old iPhones?

    • @PeaButNutter — I usually use my most recent old phone as an iPhone Touch for use around the house. For example, I watch Netflix in bed on my old phone. Older phones are put away … I used to resell the phones to recoup money but I’ve instead kept them in order to give to friends or family members who may need a replacement phone. Also, it’s not a bad idea to have an extra phone on hand in case something happens to the new phone. KNOCK ON WOOD, I’ve been very lucky … haven’t lost or broken an iPhone yet but just in case, I’ll have an extra.

  • blaqfury

    I’m not sure if I’m going to upgrade to the 5 in December (when I eligible for an upgrade, cause i’m certainly not paying full price). I’m not totally in love with my iphone, it has some drawbacks that irk me daily (main one – not being able to control a cursor). So I think I may seriously look at android options. Both my brothers have androids and they couldn’t be happier. My iTunes catalog is on Amazon Cloud anyways, so I’m not really tied to Apple there and I don’t own a Mac. So I guess my only tie would be the iPad. IDK, I’m definitely going to do some research before jumping into the 5 in 3 months.

  • Lovey Villacrusis

    Hi Trent, can you gift me a pitnb fan for years that old iphone? ^^ really, iphone is too expensive for me. buying an iphone is impractical since it costs an arm,leg and hips for me. plus the fact that it releases new iphones after a year. i could only look. lol

  • Shane

    We got thru on the Apple site at about 3:15 a.m. this morning. :) Can’t wait until next Friday!

  • ClaireMichelle

    I can’t wait to love all over my iPhone 5! God, it looks so sleek and sexy! Is it next Friday yet?

  • Meghan

    Mine doesn’t ship for 2-3 weeks! Apple, won’t don’t you ever anticipate the demand and have enough phones!

    • @Meghan — As I understand it, the company produces as many phones as possible as quickly as possible around launch time. If there were 10 billion preorders, the company couldn’t possible produce 10 billion phones. At some point, they have to allot a certain number of phones for sale at certain intervals. The demand just outweighs the company’s ability to produce the product. It makes sense for them to cap sales at a certain number and then release the next wave of phones 1 or 2 weeks later … and so on. It’s a matter of supply and demand. The demand outweighs the ability to supply at the start … but in the end, the customer is willing to wait as long as it takes to get the phone anyway.

  • Cassie

    lucky! i wish i was rich! my boyfriend wants to buy himself one….when he breaks his current phone once a month…but i cant have one :( lol im just a big baby but i have to have it first!!