First Look: ‘Game Of Thrones’ Season 3 Goes Into Filming Production


Remember last month when we saw those photos of Game of Thrones co-stars Kit Harrington and Rose Leslie enjoying a real life romance off camera? Well, it looks like they’re gonna hafta put their lurve affair on hold because filming production has officially gotten underway for Game of Thrones season 3. HBO has released the first official promo photo from the Ireland set of GoT, which you can see in full below. Read on to hear how things are progressing in the production of Game of Thrones and prepare yourselves … Season 3 Is Coming!

In the forests of Clandeboye, on a Wednesday afternoon in August, a man and his wife were walking their dog and heard the sound of a fight. It was an important rehearsal, and the two main protagonists are two of my season favorites: an unexpected pairing, whose war of words is almost as full-on as the fight. This struggle has been choreographed and rehearsed for weeks, with each move carefully placed to match the terrain. The fighters wore pads and fell on crash matts, though for the close-ups later in the week, during the first night shoot of the season, the landing would not be quite so comfortable. It will be a character-defining scene, for more than one who is involved, so it has to be done well. More departments began to arrive for a full run-through. VFX was involved in creating the final moments of the scene, and special effects had a lot to do to make it all work. Armoury had designed a special weapon for this scene alone, and there was a nervous moment when it was first tested against the wood of a massive tree stump and the body of one of our brave stunt guys. The couple asked what was happening, and looked on for a while, but were gently guided toward the path. What happens next is too big a secret for anyone to know, and it certainly can’t be told by me.

Yay! This is fantastic! Altho we still have a very long time to wait before GoT season 3 returns to HBO next year, it’s a good feeling knowing that the eps are currently in filming production. I still need to finish book 3 of the Game of Thrones series but I do have a lot of time to get it read before the new season begins. I know I’m not the only Game of Thrones fan out there squealing at the sight of this photo. Woot!


  • Sam

    I don’t know why I thought you had finished the whole series! I’m 3/4 through the third one, and boy is it INTENSE. No spoilers, but I really wonder how they are going to deal with certain monumental moments!! EEeeeeeekkkk I can’t wait!

    • @Sam — I understand that the 3rd book will be spread over seasons 3 and 4 of ‘Game of Thrones’. I’m sure they can’t cover everything but at least they’ll be able to include more of the book 3 story over 2 seasons.

    • Megan

      I’m also about 3/4 of the way through the third book and there’s two scenes I’m dying to see how they’ll do in the series…no spoilers obviously but I think this will be an excellent season!

    • Sam

      Ouuuh Megan I wish there was some way you could send me a private msg cuz I’m dying to know what those scenes are!

  • nicole

    i was havin a shitty day, but this totally just made it better.