‘Closer’ Magazine Publishes Topless Photos Of Kate Middleton


Last month the British Royal Family had to deal with a nekkid photo scandal when photos of a fully nude Prince Harry partying with some ladies in Las Vegas, NV hit the Internets. Today, they are dealing with another nekkid photo scandal. While vacationing in France recently, Prince William and his wife Kate Middleton were photographed topless. Naturally, this is not a problem for the prince but it has become a huge problem for his wife, the Duchess of Cambridge. The French magazine Closer published the photos in their new issue, much to the chagrin of the British Royal Family.

Kate Middleton and Prince William are “saddened” and “disappointed” by French tabloid magazine Closer’s decision to publish photos of the Duchess of Cambridge sunbathing topless in its latest issue, a source close to the royal couple tells Us Weekly. The photos are blurry and taken with a long lens, but they are clearly of the English royals, both 30, according to the BBC. The spouses, who tied the knot in April 2011, are currently visiting Kuala Lumpur Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee Tour, honoring her 60 years on the British throne.

As you can see, magazines in Europe (and in France, in particular) have no problem publishing nude (or mostly nude) photos right on their covers. For the most part, many people are upset that these photos of Kate have been released … but my guess is that those same people weren’t quite so upset when the nekkid photos of Prince Harry were released. It seems clear to me that the Royal Family is very upset with both incidents and while no legal action has come from the Harry photos (at least to my knowledge), I suspect that a lawsuit of some kind will come from these Kate photos. If you want to see the uncensored photos, I’m sure you’ll have no problem finding them online somewhere. In the digital age of cameras everywhere, it seems like a good idea for famous folks (royals, in particular) to not take off their clothes in public under any circumstance.


  • Jenn

    I don’t really think its fair to say that they were in “public”. From what I understand they were vacationing on someone’s private property. Its not like they were on a nude beach or something.

    • @Jenn — Yes, I guess you’re right … I guess I mean “public” meaning “outside of the house”.

  • Lacey

    Well, there isn’t any hint of a baby bump there. Glad we cleared that up!

    • Sarah

      Oh I think you missed these pics then because there is definitely the small bulge of an early pregnancy going on there for sure. Check it out: http://www.infdaily.com/2011/08/topless-kate-moss-goes-for-a-dip-in-the-ocean-pics.html

    • Danielle

      That’s an entirely different person…?

    • Sarah

      That could be but I think that is her.

    • Sarah

      Ack!! How embarrassing! You were right! I so did not realize I was looking at Kate moss in that pic and not Kate Middleton! Damn you Google images! And the same black bikini bottom too!

  • jennifer

    1. They were at a private estate and the photographer most likely used a telescopic lens to get closer pictures. I think that’s an invasion of privacy. And the editor (or owner?) was defending it saying they could see them from a public street, but I watched the news and the public road is WAY far away. And then she they were saying they have more intimate photos. Which is sickening that you can’t sunbathe topless without someone snapping pictures.

    2. It’s just boobs. Who knows what else they have pictures of. But these are just her boobs. I don’t see anything too bad about it, but I think of them in the sense of breastfeeding now and not a sexual thing. lol

  • Krissy

    “it seems like a good idea for famous folks (royals, in particular) to not take off their clothes in public under any circumstance”

    I disagree with the idea that Kate and Will are in “public” here. They are at a private residence, on private grounds. I think it is completely awful that paparazzi would go to such lengths to invade someone’s privacy.

    • @Krissy — I agree completely. I’m not faulting Kate for anything. My point is that, as I said, “it seems like a good idea for famous folks (royals, in particular) to not take off their clothes in public” and by “public” I guess I mean outside of the house (or castle). Whether or not folks choose to do that is another thing all together.

    • Krissy

      You are correct that when they are outside, then they are more vulnerable to this kind of thing happening. I guess that is why castles used to have moats, huh? ;)

  • JayAustin

    They should sue the pants off that magazine.. And Trent as much as I usually agree with U!! It’s WRONG, they were at a private home… It’s pathetic that we live in a world like this… OMG, I don’t envy royals, celebs because I’d be in jail. Enough already

    • @JayAustin — I never said it was right. There is nothing to disagree with me about.

    • nbc

      It’s not smart to become snappy with your readers…

  • Bethany

    I definitely think this was a complete invasion of privacy, and I feel bad for Kate. But I think she also shares a little bit of the responsibility in the sense that she shouldn’t have taken her top off if she didn’t want to be photographed. I also think it’s a little more difficult to maintain boundaries as far as what it private when you’re outdoors. But I guess if the paparazzi would just leave them alone it wouldn’t even be an issue.

    • Serenity

      “she shouldn’t have taken her top off if she didn’t want to be photographed”

      I would agree with you if she was on a public beach or by a hotel swimming pool. If other commenters are correct, however, she’s on somebody’s private property. I think more of the blame should be put on the paparazzi (and the people who who keep nudes like these in demand) than on Kate. If she was on private property – and the main road was as far as somebody else has indicated – she had a right to expect a certain amount of privacy.

  • rachel

    Topless sunbathing is not unusual at all in France. I’m not sure what is so scandalous about in these photos (other than the invasion of privacy required to obtain them). It certainly doesn’t compare at all to Harry’s recent pics. Although, if we’re talking about cultural norms, nekkid bear hugs probably aren’t so unusual in Vegas, either…

    • Serenity

      “Topless sunbathing is not unusual at all in France. I’m not sure what is so scandalous about in these photos (other than the invasion of privacy required to obtain them).”

      This is something else that bothers me. I could see the shock if this happened in the U.S. where topless sunbathing isn’t as common on your everyday beach, but I’ve been under the impression that this is commonplace in France.

    • Emma

      ” I’ve been under the impression that this is commonplace in France.”

      Yeah like if it’s only in France…get to any other country in Europe with beaches it’ll be the same !

    • the D

      I’ve seen more topless on santorini greek beatch than on any french beatch ever.

      But I still don’t like it… it’s a love killer, a turn off… you see those tits all day long… it kills appetite to “reveal” them… I am happy that breast are hidden, it’s far more exciting that way…

      Poor prince, his wife is already acting as a random freaky granny. Bye bye mystery, hello mama kate….

      And hey… arent they a bit too … hmmm ok whatever i am out~

  • kel

    i feel badly for them. i mean, i know they will rise above it with class, and it will blow over, but i just imagine if it was my husband and i, and you are together on vacation and just want to be close and feel sexy and natural together, and instead some creep is zooming in on you to exploit you. it would just make me feel really uncomfortable and frankly, sad.

  • Daphne Nancy Seale

    We’re always topless in the south of france! It’s what we do…

    • the D

      and it’s ugly by the way… but keep doing it if you feel it’s cool.

  • laurenl

    I always agree with Trent, for the most part, but not on this one. Where do we draw the line with privacy? What if there was a window into their bathroom visible from the distant street, and they took photos through a window because it can be seen with a telescopic lens? Or if their doors to a patio were open, and the lens could see into the inside area? I know it’s nit picky but I have strong feelings about paparazzi, just last week I decided to look up (for some odd reason) the way pap’s played a role in Lady Di’s passing, and it’s just so heartbreaking. They need stricter laws. I boycott trash mags that print photos like these because they drive the business, it’s getting to epic proportions. It’s not OK to print photos taken with a telescopic lens without the subjects knowledge, this applies to everyone.

    • @laurenl — “I always agree with Trent, for the most part, but not on this one”

      I’m not sure what you don’t agree with. I’m not saying that Kate did anything wrong. I’m also not condoning what the photogs did. When I say that famous people might not want to disrobe outside of their homes, I mean just that … they might not want to do so because of how prevalent cameras and camera technology is. That’s not to say they shouldn’t or they are wrong for doing so. That is to say the only way to ensure no such photos can be taken is if one’s clothes are not taken off. To be clear again, I am assigning no blame or fault to Kate.

    • laurenl

      It’s true, she should expect to be hyper vigilant about any exposure. I’m such a romantic, I just wish she and Wills could be free to have more privacy, just for their own sake and benefit. It’s just not that way, not with this technology! Cest la vie!

    • the D

      It’s not hard to avoid this system at all….

      A lot of artist and famous people of the planet, have made the choice to avoid this system… Of course, they rapidly stop being that famous or selling much of their movie or album…

      They are part of the system, they can’t say anything about the fact there will be people to take picture if they got a window in their bathroom….

      I am quite sure it’s even possible for a prince to renounce to those b.s. and become a normal person…
      Kate could even have asked to his prince “please, let’s be normal, reject the crawn, let’s get a new life wherever”
      But she didnt ask that, she takes part of the system too.

      Their only reason to be… is those magazines…. nothing else.

      Yep… they will take picture in their bathroom, they deserve it as far as they took this one life.

  • BAlito

    LOL…. at least she covered her “biscuit”!!!… Ive been watching a lot of Honey Boo Boo lately… :/

  • Sarah Brewer

    I can’t believe so many people are all offended on her behalf. Its not like they don’t know they are followed everywhere. If you are outside of your house in daylight with your boobies out, your asking for it. I feel its as simple as that. She simply has to wear a top. That’s it!

    • the D

      True Sarah…

      And by the way , do you remember the last time that you decided to do topless at some friend’s house , Sarah ?

      Even if no paparrazi are after you, i am quite sure you never did that….

      So the conclusion is obvious…. i don’t even need to explain more huh…

  • rOXy

    The Royals have always been held to a different protocol for behavior than the rest of us. I am sure the younger Royal generation is going to be getting some fast lessons on the things you should and shouldn’t do to avoid embarrassing the Queen. Imo, Kate did nothing wrong by going topless, the photog shouldn’t have zoomed in on their privacy. It’s as simple as that, but still, the question the Queen will want the Young Royals to ask themselves before they do ANYTHING (scratching butt included) is, “will this compromise the Queen’s dignity?” It probably sometimes sucks to be famous, royal, whatever, but everything comes with a price. If you enjoy a lavish public lifestyle, your private life is going to be vulnerable to vultures looking to make a quick buck. With Harry’s recent scandal and now this, the one thing I’ve learned is that Royals are human, just like the rest of us.


    It’s not about weather they were in public on not it’s about her behaviour. Classy people representing their country don’t get their tits out. Only trash get their tits out. I think this is a lesson Kate will learn. ACT LIKE A ROYAL AND YOU WON’T GET THESE TYPES OF PHOTO’S PUBLISHED BECAUSE YOU WOULD NOT HAVE GIVEN THEM THE OPPORTUNITY. You have and are doing a great job but this was a naive mistake of moral judgement.

    • Ella


  • Niki

    I feel really really bad for such a thing to happen to a really nice woman! But I do agree with Trent, why would u risk it even if your in a private property. Go get a fake tan or skinny dip in an indoor pool! If your a famous celebrity/royal you have to be careful all the time unless you are in your bedroom!

    I don’t know why but I have a feeling its an insiders job…maybe someone who despises the royal family :s Anyway whomsoever took the photos really needs a life!

  • the D

    No one ever took my wife’s breast in picture….

    Because she never took off her bra outdoor, even in summer, even for sun bathing… It’s not that I force her at all, she was not doing it before i know her, she is still not doing it…

    Kate is doing it…

    Whatever private area or public area, she was outdoor, and took off the bra… as some women don’t do that, she did it.

    Should we cry now ?