Watch: ‘Cougar Town’ Announces Its Season 4 Return With A Music Video


Back in March it looked like the brilliantly funny ABC sitcom Cougar Town was heading for cancellation but in May we learned the HAPPY NEWS that instead of being cancelled, Cougar Town is moving to TBS. Today we get to check out a cute music video starring the cast of Cougar Town announcing the show’s season 4 premiere date on TBS with a few other famous faces. The song featured in the clip above is titled We’re Back and it explains when the show will debut/premiere on TBS If, for some reason, you cannot watch the clip … I can tell you that Cougar Town season 4 will premiere on TBS on Tuesday January 8, 2013 … but, you really should watch the video above :D

  • xokimmy

    i love this! what a fun and cute way to promote it!
    i was just wondering the other day when it was going to start back up, January is pretty far away :/

  • fab4runner

    Yay! Love Cougar Town.

  • ClaireMichelle

    This is EVERYTHING.

  • t*

    This show is so great…I’m glad they are back!