Levi Johnston Shows Off Photos Of His Newborn Daughter Breeze Beretta


Yesterday we learned that ex-Playgirl model and former almost-Palin son-in-law Levi Johnston welcomed the birth of a baby girl with his unmarried babymama Sunny Oglesby. Today we get to see what the little doll looks like. As you may know, Levi and Sunny decided to name their daughter Breeze Beretta … which, you have to admit, is unfortunate. But, it’s plainly obvious in the photos below that the new parents are both madly in love with their newborn baby girl.

Levi Johnston’s newborn daughter is already an expert napper — at least judging by the hospital photos snapped after the girl was born yesterday. Levi and his girlfriend Sunny Oglesby looked like a big, happy, unmarried family at Matsu Regional Hospital in Wasilla, Alaska — smiling and posing with their new baby Breeze Beretta moments after the parturition. As we first reported, Breeze was born yesterday morning at 6 pounds 15 ounces. She’s Levi’s second child — after his 3-year-old son Tripp, whom he fathered with Bristol Palin.

UGH! This baby girl’s name is so unfortunate, I can’t help but feel really sorry sorry for her. But there is no denying that this little girl is adorable. Sadly, I just cannot be happy about any of this. Levi hasn’t really shown that he can be a faithful father and I fear that the road ahead may not be easy for Sunny or her daughter Breeze. But, again, what I or anyone else thinks does not matter one bit to these people. Sunny is in love with Levi, he says he’s in love with her … and we can only hope that they will both be there to love and support their daughter. I wish them well but I really can’t help but fear that things may not work out for this new family.


  • Joanna

    If the past is any indication of the future, Levi will leave Sunny and Breeze (horrible name) and then hardly ever provide child support. Bristol Pailin is lucky if she gets anything each month from this d-bag. I also predict that in the next two to three years or sooner he will get yet ANOTHER girl pregnant and never learn to grow up.

  • JJ

    Levi needs to have a vasectomy. The sooner the better.

  • Courtney Puzzo

    that poor little girl got one of the worst names ever. what happened to names like Chantel Joanne Katherine Natalia Ophelia & Stephanie. this irresponsible jerkwad needs a vesectomy and fast at least Paul Newman was married to both his baby mamas and the later of the two for more than 5 decades

  • Alicia Mayo-White

    I don’t think her name is that bad. I have a cousin named Breanne and we call her Breezie all the time. More than likely this child will end up going by Bre anyway.

  • mouse

    I hope she decides to go by Bibi or B.B. or something. That might at least be kind of cute? This is just…well. That’s a stripper name.