Frank Ocean Begins Rehearsals For ‘Saturday Night Live’


Last month we learned that Frank Ocean has been selected as the musical guest on Saturday Night Live when the show returns for its 38th season premiere this Saturday night, September 15. Today we get to see a very cool photo of Frank rehearsing for his SNL performance. It’s not entirely clear who took the photo exactly but it was released by John Mayer on his official Tumblr page. Click below to see the full size photo.

Frank – SNL Rehearsal

I suspect that the photo was taken by John but, again, not sure. I have to say, I’m excited for this weekend’s new ep even tho I find myself constantly disappointed by the entertainment provided by SNL. The show is more miss than hit but … I continue to tune in on the off chance that they might give us a funny episode. One thing’s for sure, I know Frank Ocean is going to deliver an amazing performance this weekend so … yeah, I’ll be tuning in. Will you?


  • Shannon

    Uh. Yes. I will.

  • JMo

    Absolutely love him thanks to you Shannon. Living in London, so prob won’t see the show, but will definitely youtube the performance. Thanks (again) for the heads up!

    • Shannon

      JMo, yeeeahhh! You’ve been successfully converted :) Not that it was a tough job; he’s so good! And you know we’ll post the footage as soon as it hits the interweb!