Watch: Britney Spears Dances ‘Gangnam Style’ On ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’


Britney Spears will be making her national television debut tonight as judge on The X Factor but yesterday, she paid a visit to The Ellen DeGeneres Show to do a bit of promo work for the show. As a special surprise, Ellen brought out Korean popstar Psy to show Britney how to dance Gangnam Style LIVE on air. As you can see above, Britney picked up the dance really easily and she looked like she had a blast dancing with Psy and Ellen. Don’t forget to tune into Fox tonight to watch the 2 hour season 2 premiere of The X Factor TONIGHT at 8PM … but until then, you might want to watch this video of Gangnamney over and over and over.

  • Jessica

    Britney looks mortified and really not sure what to do towards the end. Her dancing in those heels though makes me think she practiced beforehand!

  • Joanna

    My boyfriend just showed me the Psy video like 2 days ago. He was sent the video of the song by a friend of his and could not stop laughing. He made me watch it and I said what seems funny to us as Americans is probably massively popular and famous in Asia (not knowing the guy was Korean) and don’t judge a potential star by his crazy and funny dance. And what do ya know. He ends up on Ellen teaching Britney how to do the Gangnam Style dance. I predict he will be the next great Youtube parody.

  • Alicia A. Bentley

    I love Ellen, but weird how he had to introduce himself? Poor guy, he must have thought us not very polite. :(
    I am not “into” his music, but he sure did make a hit of it, didn’t he?

  • Liz

    Psy was also at VMA and TMZ live.

  • ClaireMichelle

    Britney dancing in those heels made me so nervous! Haha. I love all of this Britney in my life!!! Ahhhh. Weekly, now. I can’t even.

  • Deb

    It’s crazy – I’ve been listening to K-pop for years now, and I’m super excited for Psy; he’s very well-established in Korea! But I have heard people compare him to William Hung , and yeah, him having to ask to introduce himself on Ellen? This guy is a super talented performer; hope he’s not written off as some YouTube one hit wonder.

  • Sarah

    @Deb – my thought exactly! I feel as though they were treating him as a “YouTube joke”. He’s been very popular for YEARS!

  • Deb Hodgon

    I’m loving Britney’s new sophisticated look these days. No more trashy short skirts and cowboy boots. Hope they’re packed away for good. She’s looking so much better.

  • Ames
  • Sandy!

    I’d look mortified if I was trying to dance in those heels too lol!
    Didn’t Ellen say “PSY, come on out” or something like that?

  • Sam

    Britney’s cool but she really needs to learn how to clap! Watching her on the X factor, I couldn’t help but notice it lol

    • @Sam — Are you kidding? Her golf/air claps are LEGENDARY! I love her claps :)

    • Sam

      But then again, you love everything Britney, so you automatically don’t count ;)

    • JeniLeeSK8

      LOL I agree Sam. I love Brit….but when she claps like that it comes across as very fake

    • @Sam — Well, true :)

  • KS

    It’s great that Ellen brought Psy in as a guest, even for a brief moment. However, for him to ask to introduce himself is a tad disappointing. Ellen should have known better #justsaying

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