Watch: You Are Cordially Invited To ‘Google Hangout’ With Joseph Gordon-Levitt And Steven Spielberg


Indiewire appropriately referenced the above video as a ‘trailer for a trailer’ and ‘a teaser for a teaser.’ This is absolutely not the trailer for Steven Spielberg’s new Abraham Lincoln biopic, Lincoln. It is, rather, the invitation for you to watch the trailer (lmao, unreal!) later this week and then– okay here’s the awesome part– ‘hangout’ with the one they call JGL and Spielberg. I don’t know what Google Hangout is, but on September 13 at at 7pm EST, I’m gonna find out, lol. First of all, I legitimately do want to see this trailer! Daniel Day-Lewis might really bring it as Honest Abe and the rest of the cast is pretty cray. Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Tommy Lee Jones, David Oyelowo (who’s the one reading The Gettsyburg Address in the mini-clip), John Hawkes and Sally Field round out the rest of the cast which means we can probably expect good things. I hear Spielberg’s a decent director too ;)

Who’s in?