Watch: Ryan Gosling’s Self-Proclaimed Ex-Girlfriend Interviews Him


The ladies over at Hello Giggles (Zooey Deschanel and friends) shared this on their tumblr and it was too ridiculous to ignore. In the above video, Erin Foster is a woman convinced that she was once in a relationship with Ryan Gosling (not unlike many of us) and she ‘interviews’ the actor about his 2007 movie Fracture. And it’s awkward. Mainly because it’s fake, lol. But somehow, also pretty accurate, I think. You’ll lurve the part where Ryan describes himself in third person… OMG. Awesome!

Ryan just hit the red carpet with his real life girlfriend (?) Eva Mendes for their new film The Place Beyond The Pines. I’m sure at least one interviewer on the red carpet pretended that they totally dated in another life. And by ‘one interviewer on the red carpet’ I mean ‘me when I looked at those pics Trent posted and superimposed my face over Eva Mendez’s.’



  • bleedingEars

    hahaha… love it

  • vintage

    omg i love this!!! haha