Watch: Fox Releases A 4 Minute Preview Of Season 2 Of ‘The X Factor’

PLUS, A WHOLE SLEW of New Promo Videos & Interviews
"I had no idea what to expect"

The second season of The X Factor premieres this WEDNESDAY on Fox and to get us EVEN MORE EXCITED for the season premiere, we get to check out a LOT of fun new promo video for the show. The video above is a Q&A with X Factor judge Britney Spears alone (which is amazing to watch) and the videos below feature Britney and the rest of her fellow judges. Watch Britney‘s Q&A video above and then click below to watch more interview videos, promo videos and a really fun 4 minute preview video for the all new season of The X Factor!

Here is an Access Hollywood interview with Simon Cowell and Britney Spears:

Here is soundless (hence, kinda creepy) behind the scenes b-roll of the X Factor judges being cute and awesome:

Here is a 4 minute preview of The X Factor season 2:

GAHHH! I’m so excited for this show to debut!! Soon, y’all. SO VERY SOON!

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  1. She looks great! but does anyone else really miss her super southern accent?

  2. i have a feeling demi & simon will be the best part of the show.

  3. I can totally see Britney being a strict judge. Looking forward to it, but my money is always on Simon. His critiques are creative, slightly mean but also funny. Britney will have the shock value, though. Can’t wait to see the dynamic of the entire panel. The Voice premiere today and their chemistry seems intact.

  4. miguel

    OMFG. I DIED when #ItsBritney & #QueenD laughed together at the end. SOO excited to see this. SO bummed that I have to work on WED though…and I can’t record it. :(

  5. We don’t get it until Thursday here in Ireland and I’ll be sitting on the edge of my seat waiting for it to start. She looked really cute on Ellen today too!

  6.! She’s amazing in this clip…I’m fangirling to the max right now!

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