Jon Hamm Likes To Go Commando, Likes To Show Off


Folks, please … you’re going to have to forgive the juvenility and borderline crassness of this post but … somethings just cannot go unnoticed and, therefor, untalked about. Over the weekend, Mad Men actor Jon Hamm was spotted on the streets of NYC with his ladyfriend Jennifer Westfeldt and I couldn’t help but notice that Jon didn’t seem to be wearing any underwear underneath his form-fitting pants. Now, this sort of thing isn’t usually a problem in most cases but when Jon Hamm steps out sans underwear, well, the results are eye-catching (to say the least). If you are so inclined, click below to see what I mean. Be warned, the photos below may be considered NSFW in some circumstances (even tho there are no nekkid body parts shown) and they are 100% gratuitous … for which I BEG your collective pardons.

Yes, well. There you have it. This is not the first time Jon’s Hamm has been on display in this way. It is clear to me that Jon is not very fond of wearing underwear, therefore, he is sometimes seen hanging loose … and fancy free. Some might argue that it might behoove the gentleman to put such things away, so as not to distract others but I, for one, find it completely refreshing that Jon Hamm likes to go as commando as he likes … and damn the consequences. Thanks for the show, Jon. And I think I speak for many when I say we cannot WAIT for your next public outing :D

[Photo credit: Splash News]

  • Nathan

    Holy wow.

  • Colleen

    Oh em geeee….. Homeboy is hung

  • BAlito

    One word… UNCUT!!! Ha ha ha

    • BAlito

      LOL… It was: CUT!!! >_

  • kendra

    Hommina hommina hommina! Can you imagine that thing when happy? Hot damn!

    • katie

      No kidding! Now we really know where Don Draper gets his swag from.

  • miguel

    MM-MMM-MMMM! I’d like a taste of that!

  • JC

    Want to eat some of that Hamm!

  • KELLYGREEN [blog]

    these are photoshopped. you can see the clone tool all over the place. not real.

  • Alys

    JEALOUS. Oh mannnnn….

  • Tracy

    Oh nice…I likie likie…