The New ‘Carrie Bradshaw,’ AnnaSophia Robb, Confesses To Wearing Uggs


The Carrie Diaries is coming to the CW network soon and lots of folks have their eyes on AnnaSophia Robb, who will play a young Carrie Bradshaw. Trent has already given us a peek at the Sex and the City prequel of sorts, which will focus on a young Carrie as she gets her first introduction to the bright lights and big city life that is NYC. Fashionista recently ran into AnnaSophia at a New York Fashion Week show and the young actress (originally from Colorado) talked about her high school fashion choices and hopes for meeting the one and only Sarah Jessica Parker. Get the story inside!
Fashionista chats it up with AnnaSophia Robb AKA the new Carrie:

The star of the upcoming Carrie DiariesAnnaSophia Robb, is making the rounds during New York Fashion Week. The 18-year-old actress looked exceptionally poised and lovely front row at Charlotte Ronson, wearing a very grown-up, Carrie-reminiscent,transparent lacey black button down layered over a black bralette and tucked into a black maxi-skirt.

Turns out she wasn’t always so sartorially inclined, though. Rewind just two years to the age of her new TV character–16–and let’s just say that Manolos weren’t the shoes in her bedroom closet.

“Let’s see, I was a sophomore in high school,” the actress told us. “So I was in the terrible sweats and Uggs stage ‘cuz it was Colorado and I wasn’t super fashionable. I wanted to be though. Like this is a dream come true.”

So while she’s front row with the VIP attendees, which celebrity would she be most excited to see? Well, turns out her number one is the most fitting of all.

“I haven’t seen SJP and I hope to get to meet her some time,” she excitedly said. “Hopefully in a more personal setting.”

You can read more about The Carrie Diaries here. AnnaSophia sounds like a total sweetheart and I’m sure the fashion gods will forgive her Ugg-related transgressions, lol.

I’m curious to hear if anybody else is excited about this show, especially Sex and the City fans. I know Trent has said he’s excited and I am too, although it’s hard to imagine exactly what the series will be like, and it’ll be hard to divorce it completely from Sex and the City. I understand the series will be focused on the books as well as SaTC, which sounds pretty sweet. I’m definitely interested in watching!

AnnaSophia’s breakout role was in last year’s Soul Surfer, for which she received a Teen Choice Awards nomination for best actress. But the actress was also in Bridge To Terabithia and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I think we can expect good things!

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  • miguel

    “I haven’t seen SJP and I hope to get to meet her some time,” she excitedly said. “Hopefully in a more personal setting.”

    Uh yeah…and with some MORE appropriate footwear, preferably some Manolo Blahniks….LORD. This child has SO much to learn, apparently she didn’t watch the series. Can we get someone recasted as younger Carrie?…

    • Shannon

      miguel, lol! Go easy on her! She USED TO wear Uggs. At Fashion Week, she was looking quite good ;)

    • @miguel — Let’s remember, The Carrie Diaries features a YOUNG Carrie Bradshaw, before she became the fabulous character in Sex and the City. We get to see the proto-Carrie as she learns to be who she is. It makes no sense for the young Carrie to be exactly like the older Carrie. Trust me, I’ve seen the pilot ep and it’s really good. I think the show will be a hit.

  • Meg

    The point of acting is to portray the character, not have lived your life exactally as Carrie Bradshaw would. I have seen ASR in her previous movies and I have every confidence that she will do a stellar job. It’s hard to fill the younger stilletos of a character already established and worshipped,. believe if anyone can though, it’s AnnaSophia.