MTV’s ‘House Of Style’ Is Back With Supermodels Joan Smalls And Karlie Kloss


Just a few days ago we heard the awesome news that Joan Smalls had officially become the number actress in the world, as rated by the website Models. What we didn’t know was that Joan had a major gig lined up with buddy and co-worker Karlie Kloss. At the MTV VMAs the two got on the red carpet looking like, well, supermodels, and announced that MTV’s House Of Style was returning and that they would be the new hosts! One major change from the 90s program (hosted by models like Cindy Crawford) is that House Of Style will be a bi-weekly web series rather than a TV program, which is kind of a bummer. Still, I cannot believe there will be a venue for me to watch Joan Smalls twice a week! Ultimately, this is very good news. Peep the video for more and get deets inside!

Joan Smalls and Karlie Kloss chatted with People magazine about the House Of Style reboot:

“I can’t believe it,” Smalls tells PEOPLE. “I’m in shock as well,” Kloss adds. “It’s unbelievable and such a huge honor. We have major shoes to fill.”

Though both women were too young to watch the original 1990s House of Style, hosted by beauties like Cindy Crawford, Amber Valetta, Molly Sims and Rebecca Romijn, they’re ready to show a new generation of viewers how fashion and music go hand in hand.

“Both industries have changed quite a bit,” Kloss says. “So it’ll be interesting to see how we show that.”

Highlights will include street style spotlights, plus behind-the-scenes looks at fashion shows, music video shoots and more — not so different from the original series. But the show’s format has changed; instead of a TV program, it will be presented as a bi-weekly, five-minute web-based series on MTV Style.

“I think that gives us even more opportunities to reach viewers,” Kloss says. “There are so many ways you can reach people through the Internet, with social media, vlogs, so it’s a smart way to attract viewers.”

It’s also a way for both women to expand the scope of their careers — a fact they’re quite excited about. “We’re both hard workers, and we’ve done so many things, had so many highlights individually. But this is a great moment for people to see our personalities as well,” Smalls says.

Adds Kloss, “The opportunity to have a voice is not common in our day jobs. And walking runways is fun, but it gets kind of boring after a while! So it’s fun to do new things like this.”

Joan and Karlie have been teamed up before– remember when they both covered W magazine a while back? Apparently, the two are real life, totally legit friends and so the chemistry on this new web series should be good.

I was, like, five years-old when House Of Style originally premiered on MTV so I have no old memories of the show. But I’m still excited!

House of Style (the reboot!) premieres on MTV Style October 9. Who’s watching???

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