Jennifer Lawrence Shows Off A Bold New Look At The ‘Silver Linings Playbook’ Premiere


Like much of Hollywood, Jennifer Lawrence has been spending the last few days au Canada for the Toronto International Film Festival. Her latest film Silver Linings Playbook (co-starring Bradley Cooper), debuted and Jennifer looked quite different at the premiere. The Hunger Games starlet looked absolutely striking, hitting the red carpet with a darker shade of hair and lip color than we’re used to seeing on her. I don’t know that I’d always want to see Jennifer like this, but I can appreciate that she’s trying something out. Jennifer rocked a dark multi-colored¬†Christian Dior couture gown with Dior pumps. So you can get a taste of some of the other looks she pulled off in Toronto, there are a few pics in the gallery from other events. At the Silver Linings Playbook press conference her deep brunette locks looked especially amazing against an all-white dress. I love, love, love how she looks in these photos! Her hair’s got a lil more umph to it, lol.¬†Jennifer also attended the premiere of Ryan Gosling’s new movie, The Place Beyond The Pines. Her look was far less dramatic than that of her own premiere, and she rocked a blue dress with some majorly sexy cat-eye. Peep the gallery for more!

Which of these JL looks is doin’ it for ya?

[Photo Credit: Splash News/Getty Images] [Source]

  • Jessica

    makes her look young and dated (sorry!)

  • Jessica

    Bangs maybe?

  • Megan

    They start filming Catching Fire soon don’t they? Makes complete sense why her hair is dark.

  • Lena

    For me it’s not the color of the hair, it’s like you said Shannon, it’s limp. It just need some body. She looks amazing in the white and blue dress!

  • ClaireMichelle

    You are aware that she dyed her hair again for Catching Fire, yes? Haha. It would seem she is just dressing for her hairstyle for the time being. She looks great has a blonde and a brunette. God, I just love her.

  • Ashley

    She looks amazing! Can this girl ever look bad? I mean seriously?

  • Joan

    I love her! I think she’s hilarious and so genuine. The hair and makeup looks makes her look completely striking, even though I’m not the biggest fan of the dress. Her awesomeness compensates for anything I may not like, though.

  • Danielle

    Catching Fire starts filming on Tuesday so that’s why her hair is dark. Needs volume, though.

  • Keely

    The pics from the Toronto International Film Festival look significantly better, in my opinion. In the first photographs, her hair just doesn’t fit her face well. Bad framing, I guess? With a bit more body though, it works for her quite well.

    • Keely

      …I guess all of them are from the festival. From the press conference, I should have clarified. It’s early. =\