Victoria Beckham Says She Feels Like ‘An Old Bag’


Victoria Beckham, who is always the impeccable model of fashion and style perfection, posted a very shocking photo on her official Twitter profile where she declared that she felt like and “old bag”. For years, VB has managed to keep up a reputation of style and grace so this admission is sure to turn heads. Click below to see Vicki B’s full-size photo and see the “old bag” with your own eyes.

After three hours sleep I feel like an old bag! x vb

LOL! It’s very rare to see Victoria Beckham cracking wise but … this is brilliant. I can’t even imagine VB saying, HEY, someone put a bag over my head … I’ve got a great idea for a Twitter photo. Still, I love that she did it. She may look and feel like an “old bag” but we know for sure that there is cold, robotic perfection underneath that bag.


  • kendra

    I love when she does random twitter pics like these.Shows us a softer and funnier side to her..Even with that bag over her head bitch looks FIERCE!

  • LaToya

    I heart Victoria!

  • Alyssa

    She has an extremely dry sense of wit, and I love when she posts things like this. Dang Brits!