The California DMV Suspends Amanda Bynes’s Drivers License


Yesterday we learned that Amanda Bynes, Ms. Hot Mess of 2012, has been legally charged with two counts of vehicular hit-and-run after she was involved in her third car accident in just 6 monthsAFTER she was arrested for drunk driving! Today we learn, happily, that the California Department of Motor Vehicles has suspended Amanda’s drivers license. Folks, it is *extremely rare* for anyone to bestow props on the DMV — in any part of the country — but I think news of the revocation of Amanda’s driving privileges is cause for MUCH JUBILATION and mad props for the California DMV.

Actress Amanda Bynes can no longer drive the streets of Los Angeles because her driver’s license has been suspended, according to records from the California Department of Motor Vehicles. Bynes is facing a drunk driving charge after hitting a sheriff’s cruiser April 6 in West Hollywood. After two new charges of hit and run filed this week, her driver’s license has been suspended, DMV officials said. DMV officials would not state the specific reason for the suspension and it is unclear when it took effect. The 26-year-old actress was arrested about 3 a.m. on April 6 in West Hollywood. Authorities said her black BMW struck the rear corner of the sheriff’s vehicle. She was charged with driving under the influence and refusing a Breathalyzer or blood-alcohol test. She subsequently denied the allegations on Twitter: “I can’t help but laugh at all of you writing fake stories about me,” she tweeted May 27. “I was not in any hit and runs. I don’t drink so the DUI is false.” She pleaded not guilty through her attorney. But the Los Angeles city attorney on Tuesday charged her in two separate hit-and-run incidents on April 10 and Aug. 4. In the August incident, a motorist said a vehicle driven by Bynes rear-ended and damaged her Toyota on Ventura Boulevard, LAPD sources said. The driver said Bynes stopped only briefly, declared there was no damage and drove off. The woman told investigators her car was damaged and that Bynes failed to provide insurance information or allow police to be called before she left, Lt. Andrew Neiman said. Bynes told investigators she and the woman mutually agreed there was no significant damage after the low-speed collision, police said. Neiman said investigators determined that the Toyota had about $800 in damage, and that the actress did not notify police or exchange insurance information as required by law. Following her initial DUI charge, Bynes sent a message to President Obama on Twitter. “Hey @BarackObama… I don’t drink,” read the tweet on the actress’ verified Twitter account. “Please fire the cop who arrested me. I also don’t hit and run. The end.”

Dang … in less than a year, Amanda Bynes has managed to reach near Lindsay Lohan-level trainwreckness … which has to be some sort of world record! It took Lindsay years to destroy her career and persona, it has only taken Amanda months. If it weren’t so sad, it’d actually be funny. But … it’s not funny. Amanda has been practically terrorizing other motorists with her careless and dangerous behavior. I can’t know for sure but I’d be willing to bet good money that Amanda’s many car accidents have been influenced by alcohol. Her one arrest for DUI is proof positive that she has no problem getting behind the while while intoxicated. Now that she is no longer able to drive, perhaps she will finally be able to stay out of trouble … and at the very least, other motorists on the road don’t have to worry about running into Amanda Bynes (literally) on the road. The good news here is that the streets of LA are safer now thanks to the DMV.


  • Andy

    Meanwhile in LaLaLand, Lindsay Lohan still hasn’t had her license revoked. Man, bitch is like teflon!

    • Krissy

      I think it is just that Lindsey has a much better lawyer!

  • Ashley Rogalski

    Some people should not be driving. Hope Amanda can get better and learn about the safety of driving.

  • Nathan

    And Blohan still has hers? Sounds about right…

  • Joan

    Took them long enough, geez!

  • miguel


  • Diva

    So why does Lindsay STILL have hers? Amanda seemed bad but no where near as horrible as LIndsay.

  • c-word

    i want to know how she was able to decline both the breathalyzer AND blood alcohol test… i’m like 99.9% sure that by CA law you have to comply with one or the other, if you don’t pass the field sobriety test. but it’s so sad – yea – this chick has definitely become the new lilo – and the year isn’t even over yet! i think it’s really funny (but in a sad way) that she tweeted the president – you know – cuz it’s not like he has more important things going on, an’ all *rolls eyes* oh well. at least it gives me something to read about while bored at work ;)

  • shannon

    As long as she still has a car, she is going to drive it, suspended license or not. I have a feeling that this is not going to make her give the keys to someone else.