Selena Gomez, James Franco, And Vanessa Hudgens Rep For ‘Spring Breakers’ In Toronto


Recently, we’ve gotten to see some pretty cool clips from Selena Gomez’s new indie flick (directed by the amazingness that is Harmony Korine) and Spring Breakers is about to premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival. Apparently, the film got a powerful response from the audience at The Venice Film Festival, so I’m still expecting good things. At a photo call in Toronto, Selena rocked a sexy lil’ leopard print dress and Vanessa Hudgens went for a black and nude lace one-piece. Co-stars Rachel Korine, Ashley Benson, and James Franco were also in the building. James totally looks like he just got out of class, lmao! But it’s James Franco; what’re you gonna do? Peep the gallery for more!

Photo Credit: Fame Flynet