Ryan Phillippe Bares His Bum On ‘Damages’


So … I don’t watch the FX series Damages but David does … and even tho he is a big fan of the show, he hasn’t had much time to watch any TV at all so … I guess I can forgive him for not letting me know that actor Ryan Phillippe has joined the cast of the show. Now, the only reason I even know this is because I came across screencaps from one of his appearances on the show … and in the scene, he is buck ass nekkid. Well, not really buck ass nekkid but he proudly and unabashedly shows off his bare booty on the show. And I know it … it’s Thursday, you prolly don’t want to be at work/school anymore or you just got home from work/school and you’re tired … but I think the sight of Ryan’s NSFW bare bum is enough to give you a little pep this afternoon. Click below to see Ryan’s (bare) body of work in the TV series Damages.

Now, see … if THIS is the kind of thing that Ryan does on a regular basis on Damages, you better believe I’m going to start watching the show. I have no idea if Ryan is merely guest starring on the show and this is one-time thing but, yeah, I’ve seen enough to become intrigued. This bare ass scene in Damages looks a lot like his bare ass scene in the 1999 film Cruel Intentions:

Now this movie, I’ve seen many times … many, many times. I’m actually impressed by how well his bum has held up over the years. HMMM. I don’t know if it’s time yet to start nominating TV actors for Emmy Awards but I’d LOVE for the academy to consider Ryan’s work in Damages and reward him for his hard work. Yeah, I’m gonna go set my DVR to start recording Damages from here on out … just in case ;)


  • SittingPat

    Trent, Damages has it’s finale next week. There have been 10 episodes this its last season, with Ryan in all ten. He’s given a terrific series of performances, and the show is edge of your seat good overall. BTW, this was the most we’ve seen of Ryan, although he has several scenes with the ladies if you know what I mean.

  • Joanna

    Are you serious, Trent? You’re surprised how well his fine ass has held up?! Every time you post about RP, the boy is working out or running!!! You so funny Trent, I love you!

  • Joe

    could be an ass double…

  • Lex

    DILF! He’s still hot.

  • kendra

    This guy oozes doucheness..

  • JeniLeeSK8

    Man I wish I could watch. Only on DirecTV though. Eventually will rent it all through netflix because i have heard its great!

  • Absurdist

    Since Damages is a summer show, it’s eligible for next year’s Good Booty Emmy, but not this year’s.

  • Kevin

    I can’t confirm this, but I remember finding out that the backside shown in Cruel Intentions is actually a body double… Sorry to disappoint.

  • Brian

    Damages hasn’t been on FX in a while. It is now on DishNetwork, whatever the hell that is.

  • JT in the Army

    The things my tongue could do to that ass.

  • Knut Holt

    I guess many of the fans of Bieber are more aiming to get a glimps of his ass than hearing his music.
    Regards Knut Holt