Lady Gaga’s New Album Will Also Be An Interactive App


Lady Gaga’s forthcoming album ARTPOP is set for a 2013 release and the pop star plans to take the album release game to a whole ‘nother level. ARTPOP will apparently be the multimedia experience of a lifetime, as an iPad, iPhone, mobile, and computer compatible application. I’m guessing little Monsters everywhere are pretty much freaking out right now. And based on the description of the app, I’m pretty interested in this new movement as well. Deets inside!

The Hollywood Reporter has the story:

In a statement posted on Wednesday to her website, the fashion-forward pop diva says that Artpop will be “a multimedia experience” available to fans in various forms, most significantly a downloadable app for use on mobile computing devices.

“The most major way to fully immerse yourself in Artpop is through the app,” Gaga says. “Artpop will be released as an iPad, iPhone, mobile and computer compatible application that is completely interactive with chats, films for every song, extra music, content, Gaga-inspired games, fashion updates, magazines, and more still in the works!”

Gaga says the beauty of the app approach is that it allows her to add to and embellish Artpop far past its initial release date.

“I will also be able to upload new things to the app all the time, the same way I upload to twitter and You inspired me to create something that communicated with images, because you do, you communicate with me and each other with .gifs and pictures, and artwork, graphics all day 24/7,” Gaga writes.

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The article goes on to point out that Lady Gaga is not the first to do this. Bjork released  Biophilia earlier this year as an album and an app. This info prompted one reader (possibly a Madonna fan, lol) to comment: ‘REDUCTIVE! Let’s see if she’ll give credit to [Bjork].’ Lol. Okay! What do y’all think? Does Gaga owe Bjork a shouts-out for this one? And how crazy does this app sound? Millions of people will soon have, like, 72 more reasons to be glued to their various technologies… good news? For Monsters and Lady Gaga fans, I’m thinking yes.


  • LiQue

    As amazing as the album of the decade, or the way the concert going experience was going to be changed forever? she’s pretentious, and the final product is very distant from what all the hoopla make us believe it will be. I used to like gaga until i saw her live, she has a long way to go to be considered a good performer (my opnion), great voice but no scene dominance whatsoever