First Listen: The ‘Glee’ Versions Of ‘Gimme More’ & ‘Boys’ By Britney Spears Hit The Internets


Yesterday we got to see a batch of promo images from the forthcoming episode of Glee titled Britney 2.0 which is, as you know, the show’s second tribute episode to the music of Britney Spears. Today, we get to hear two songs from the episode!!! The video above features the Glee cast version of Britney’s monster hit Gimme More. It’s a straightforward cover which sounds to me like it is sung by Naya Rivera (the actress who plays Santana) but it could be Heather Morris (who plays Brittany S. Pierce). If you click below, you will hear the Glee cast version of Britney’s song Boys which is mashed-up with Justin Bieber’s song Boyfriend.

Honestly, I like both songs … they are very Glee, very faithful to the original versions. If I had to pick a fave, I’d go with the Gimme More cover but I’m sure the faithful Beliebers out there would go with the Boys/Boyfriend mash-up. This just a taste of what’s to come from this episode of Glee. There will be more songs featured in the ep and I cannot WAIT to hear them! What do y’all think of these new Glee versions of Britney’s songs? Do you like?

  • Brian

    Gimme More is totally Brittany S. Pierce

    • @Brian — Is it? OY! I can’t even tell anymore … thanks!

    • BAlito

      Im almost sure is Santana!!!

  • JDO

    Ugh, fail Tren. Brittany has a thinner, darker, timber. Santana has a higher, clearer, brighter, thicker voice to her. CF, River Deep Mountain High (Santana) with Me Against the Music (Brittany). Jesus, gurl, GET IT TOGETHER!

    • Janet

      IF you go to you’ll see that Britney sang “Gimme More.” Blaine and Artie sand “boys/boyfriend.”

    • @JDO — I’d prolly be able to differentiate the voices better if I still watched the show religiously. I’ll be tuning in for the Britney episode, tho!

  • nicole

    that boys/boyfriend mix..i dunno…sounds super awkward to me.

  • Joan

    I love it when Glee does mashups. “Gimme More” sounds good but it’s a straight up copycat cover. I rather go with “Boys/Boyfriend” (regardless of what that says about me, haha).