Christian Siriano Opens A Fab Concept Store In NYC


Just about every day I have one of those ‘my job rules’ moments and last night there were many. Trent was awesome enough to pass on an invite to Christian Siriano’s launch party in NYC and it was kind of the best night ever! Those of you who watch Project Runway surely remember Christian (and his hair… and his signature pose, lol), the Season 4 winner who went on to become a bit of a pop culture phenomenon. And any PITNB reader has seen the many various shouts-out to Christian and his stunning collections from Trent. Anyhoo, Christian’s new store is in Manhattan and I got to attend the party which was all kinds of fab! I somehow managed to miss Heidi Klum (yes, I did) but I did snag a pic with Christian and snagged more pics than I can share of the hot bartender. No, you don’t get it. He was THE definition of The Hot Bartender. Seriously. Pics inside!

Presenting The Fabulousness That Was Christian Siriano’s Launch Party

The Fabulous Entrance:

The DJs Fab ‘Caviar’ Hat, And The Christian Siriano Dresses Behind Him:

Another Fab Christian Siriano Dress PleaseBuyForMeNowThankYou:

The Fabulousness That Was This Friend Of Christian’s (And Brad!):

And The Epic Fab That Were Her Shoes. LOVED THESE:

Did I Mention There Was A Hot Bartender? Yeah. And More Photos In My Phone Than I Care To Admit On This Public Forum. Hot Bartender Fab:

Many People Were Better-Dressed Than Me (Like The Woman In Center) = Awkward But Fab:

Look-At-That-Smile Fab!

Oh, and HEIDI KLUM (!!!) had the nerve to show up after I left, lol! But she was, naturally, looking all kinds of fab:

The party was totally fun and totally chill and even though I have probably watched, like, three episodes of Project Runway in my whole life, I am sooo happy for Christian! There’s nothing cooler than getting to do exactly what you want do in life, so I respect the grind that brought him to this point. I also got the chance to meet some of the ladies who work on his team and they said he is ah-mazing. If you’re ever in NYC, do stop by his store. You will love, love, love it! Do not, however, look for that bartender. I doubt he’ll be there. I know; bummer. But the dresses will comfort you.

Also, did I really just incorporate the word ‘fab’ into my vocab? Cannot believe I’m letting this industry change me, lol!


Heidi & Christian Photo Credit: WireImage/Michael Loccisano

  • sandy

    I’m SO jealous!
    I’m glad Christian is doing well! He’s always been a favorite of mine :)

    • Shannon

      sandy, Christian looked crazy busy but he was cheesing all night and expressed sincere thanks that I came. It was a really sweet time.

  • Dezden

    Awesome! I’ll have to try to stop in next time I’m in town.

    • Shannon

      Dezden, it’s so sexy up in there– you will love, lol!

  • rawrkristy

    omg i am sooo jealous!! i love project runway! been watching since christian’s season and i used to love trent’s weekly break downs of the episodes!
    so happy you got to go shannon!

    • Shannon

      thanks rawkristy! No need for y’all to be jealous– I only get to do these things because of YOU!

  • Alyssa

    That bartender is unreal hot.

    • Shannon

      Alyssa…. I KNOW, RIGHT?!?!