Amanda Bynes Legally Charged With Hit-And-Run


Yikes! Remember when we learned last month that Amanda Bynes was involved in her third car accident in 6 six months? Yeah, well, those accidents have come back to bite her in the ass. The long arm of the law has finally extended far enough to reach out and touch Ms. Bynesshe is being charged with TWO counts of hit-and-run. If convicted of both, she could face up to a year in JAIL! It would seem that Amanda’s transition from working actress to bona fide trainwreck is moving along swiftly.

Amanda Bynes has been charged with TWO counts of hit-and-run — after allegedly smashing into some car and fleeing the scene … twice. If convicted on both counts, she faces up to a year in jail. We broke the story … prosecutors recently reopened Bynes’ hit-and-run case from back in April — after previously rejecting it — because the actress was accused of yet another hit-and-run last month. Now, prosecutors have taken the next step — charging Bynes with two counts of misdemeanor hit-and-run, stemming from the two incidents. She’s due in court September 27th. Calls to Bynes’ reps weren’t immediately returned.

Honestly, I don’t really know what the Hell is going on with Amanda these days. I get that she wanted to retire from acting (at the ripe old age of 25) so that she can focus on enjoying life without having to worry about work commitments. Some people are fulfilled by the work they do, some people are not. But in the past year, Amanda has taken her partying lifestyle to a new extreme. Three car accidents and one DUI arrest in the span of just a few months feels like a cry for help to me. It’s unfortunate that her family refuses to see how troubled she is but this really feels like something she is doing to herself. It remains to be seen what will come of these new charges. It’s possible that the case may never go to trial if she is able to work out a deal with prosecutors. The worst case scenario for her is a double conviction but I don’t think that will happen. Still, if Amanda Bynes doesn’t seriously clean up her act … she could very likely end up in jail … or worse :(


  • Krissy

    I find it weird that they rejected the charges and then now they are filing them. Does everyone get their first hit and run for free? If there was enough evidence to continue with the charges now, they should have filed them to begin with IMO…but then again I am not a legal expert. I hope she suffers some consequences (serious consequnces), not because I am mean spirited, but because I think the lack of consequences for Lindsey has allowed/caused her to escalate her behavior. “Hitting bottom” can really help people who are self destructive.

  • nicole

    im really sad for her. not because shes getting charged or anything, thats her own fault. but the girl has just fallen. hopefully shes got some good people around her.

  • JeniLeeSK8

    and of course no matter how long a sentence she gets if found guilty she will serve less than 3 days. its ridiculous