Ellen DeGeneres Gets A Star On The Hollywood Walk Of Fame


Talk show host Ellen DeGeneres was honored with the 2,477th star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on Hollywood Blvd. in Hollywood, CA yesterday and she was surrounded by family, friends and fans. Wow, alliteration much? As you can see below, Ellen really hammed it up for the cameras as her star was unveiled for the first time and her loving wife Portia de Rossi stood by her side proudly. These WoF stars don’t always go to deserving people, in my humble opinion, but where Ellen is concerned, I deffo think she deserves this honor.

All those laughs have definitely paid off. Fans—including Ryan Seacrest and Jimmy Kimmel—cheered as funnywoman Ellen DeGeneres was honored with the 2,477th star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame today. “I’m getting a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame today at 11am,” she tweeted. “Come watch me! Also, I’d love a ride home. 6270 Hollywood Blvd.” Once she arrived, Ellen was more than thrilled to see the crowd of people who wanted to experience this moment with her. She tweeted, “So excited to see fans here at the W Hollywood to see me get my star on the Walk of Fame! Come down if you can!” During her speech, DeGeneres did what she does best—crack jokes. “It is amazing. I spent my entire career trying to conduct myself in a certain way making sure no one walks all over me only to get to a point where people are going to walk all over me. It means so much to me that everyone showed up.”
Congratulations, Ellen!

Truly, Ellen is one of the hardest working stars in Hollywood and it is about time she got honored with a Walk of Fame star of her own. While this honor was timed for the debut of the new season of her talk show The Ellen DeGeneres Show, this is more than a promo event for her show. This particular tribute is a testament to Ellen’s entire career. I fully support and applaud Ellen on this latest honor … as I said, she is very deserving of having her own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Woot!

[Photo credit: Bauer-Griffin; Source]

  • kendra

    She is most definitely deserving! I love Ellen and have since I saw her HBO stand-up specials back in the day! Her bit about pretending to jog for a sec when you trip on a sidewalk was the first thing that ever made me laugh so hard that I cried! I love her so much!

  • Nathan

    I am actually surprised she is only just getting one now. I thought for sure she had one :/

  • janaegal

    Oh, I adore her and am so happy to read this news. So deserving! And her and Portia are just the cutest!

  • nicole

    you know…the in the past couple years, when people are getting their stars..im always like ‘i cant believe they dont have one yet!’ seriously…its either people getting them too soon, or they’re long over due.

    congrats to Ellen! well deserved!