Detroit, I’m Comin’ Home

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Today is gonna be a shorter day for me because in a few hours, I’ll be flying back home to Detroit for a week long vacay with my family and friends. Yesterday was my BFF Sarah’s birthday so I need to celebrate with her. This weekend our friends Jeff and Gray are getting married in Holland, MI so David and I will be there. Next Tuesday is my mom’s birthday so I have a lot of stuff to take care of while I’m home :D

I deffo plan on taking full advantage of being home … I haven’t been in D-Town for a few months now so, I’m anxious to get back. So, yeah, stay tuned … I’ll be comin’ atcha from the Midwest for the rest of the week. I hope YOU are having an amazing Wednesday, wherever in the world you are!!

  1. Next Tues is your mom’s birthday?? Sept 11? It’s mine, too! Wooooo!

  2. hampton

    Don’t forget to give us an update on sarah and princess z.
    and enjoy your nites at city club.

  3. Pics of Princess Z are long overdue!

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