Watch: Showtime Releases An Amazing Behind The Scenes Preview Video Of ‘Dexter’ Season 7


Last month Showtime released a really fantastic preview trailer for the forthcoming 7th season of Dexter and today they give us a new behind the scenes video that offers interviews with some of the cast AND includes new scenes from season 7. I suppose the stuff shown and discussed in this video might be considered “spoilery” but I’ve watched the clip (twice) and I think the stuff they show isn’t at all that spoilery. The video does an EXCELLENT job making me want to watch the new eps (RIGHT THE EFF NOW) so it’s a very effective promo video. If you are DYING for the new season of Dexter to start up again, I’m telling you … watching this clip will satisfy your need a tiny bit but, yeah, it’ll also make you yearn for the new season to start even more. Enjoy!

  • Paul

    this has the potential to be amazing…i really hope the up’d the writing with this season to bring back the feel of season one. Im so excited to see how this unfolds.

  • Kristín

    ohh my god i just can´t wait!!! This season is going to give me an heartattack!

  • Joan

    Good lord, I love Michael C. Hall SO SO much! I have absolutely no doubt that the story line of Deb and Dex is going to be mind blowing. I just hope that the story lines of the supporting characters have enough juice to keep up! (And no sign of the incestual love so far! Huzzah!)