Prince Harry Surfaces In Public For The First Time Since His Naked Photo Scandal


It’s been a few weeks since those scandalous photos of Prince Harry NAKED in Las Vegas hit the Internets and since that time, the royal misbehaver has been keeping a very low profile. But, Harry isn’t able to hide out forever and so this weekend, he surfaced in London in public for the first time since his scandal broke in order to get back to work. Prince Harry made an appearance at the WellChild Awards ceremony yesterday to help present awards to a few cute kids and then made an appearance at the London 2012 Paralympics … and as you can see below, he was fully dressed. There are photos and video below that aren’t nearly as fun as his nekkid pics were but it’s good to see the lad out and about in public once again.

Prince Harry made his first public appearance since photos of him partying naked in Las Vegas were leaked, and asked a little boy not to saying “something cheeky.” The fully clothed prince attended the WellChild Awards Ceremony today in London. He’s a patron of the charity, which provides care for sicks children. He presented one of the awards for the Most Inspirational Child at the ceremony. Before the ceremony, he met with several of the children served by the charity. ITV, a British TV network, reported one of the children, a 6-year-old boy named Alex Logan, said he planned to tell the prince he was “glad he got his clothes on” when he met the royal. The boy’s mother, Debbie Logan, said Prince Harry told him not to go there when they met. “Harry said to Alex, ‘You keep looking up at your mum, looks like you’re dying to say something, but you know she will tell you off,” Logan told ITV. “I hear you were on ITV earlier, you said something cheeky. Let’s not talk about that here.” Later, at the end of the award ceremony, the prince, 27, gave a short speech, touting the achievements of the charity, saying that he leaves the event a “humbled man.” Today’s ceremony was Prince Harry’s first time back in the public eye following his latest scandal. He’s been laying low in the two weeks since his trip to Las Vegas, where he was photographed naked with a woman, reportedly after a game of strip billiards. The prince has reportedly been hiding away with his former girlfriend, Cressida Bonas and her family. He has yet to make a comment on the picture scandal.

After he was done with the kiddies, Prince Harry made his way to the Paralympic Games to carry on with his princely duties:

Prince Harry today attempted to put the Las Vegas scandal behind him as he went on the charm offensive – joking with athletes and spectators during his first visit to the Paralympics since the Games started. The young Royal’s appearance comes hot on the heels of his first public outing in two weeks at the WellChild Awards in London after naked photos emerged from his holiday in ‘Sin City’. Sources said the prince was concerned about appearing in public after the media onslaught of the past few weeks but appeared back on top form today as he laughed with athletes from Great Britain and around the world while watching Paralympic swimming. He sat next to female members of Paralympic GB at the Aquatics Centre to watch Paralympics poster girl Ellie Simmonds qualify for the women’s S6 50m freestyle final. But it appeared that the athletes were more interested in posing for photos with the prince than watching what was going on in the pool. Earlier in the day, the Prince cheered on the GB women’s goalball team as they smashed their way to a 5-0 win against Denmark – securing themselves a place in the quarter-finals … Prince Harry’s Paralympic outing demonstrates the Royal is keen to put his holiday scandal behind him.

And … the scandal is over. Yes, there will still be a few jokes made here and there and those photos will still be referenced from time to time but Harry’s first public appearance this weekend has already started the move away from the scandal and towards people not really caring anymore. If more photos and/or video comes out, then that’s a different story but … yeah, scandal over.

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