Justin Bieber Shows Off His New Tattoo By Posting Shirtless Photos Online


The 2012 MTV Video Music Awards are coming up this Thursday and in anticipation, some VMA nominees are encouraging their fans to vote for them en masse so that they will be victorious when the Moon Man trophies are handed out LIVE during the show. Justin Bieber, who is nominated for a few awards this year, really knows how to fire up his fanbase. The Biebs started posting shirtless photos of himself on his official Twitter profile in order to encourage his 27+ million followers to #votebieber at the VMAs this year. JB also used this shirtless opportunity to show off his newest tattoo … a crown, apparently … which you can check out below.

new tattoo its a crown if you couldn’t tell / getting out of bed is too difficult. I think i hit the snooze button 20 times this morning #votebieber

You may recall back in July Justin showed off his previous tattoo, a Japanese Kanji symbol for music, but that tattoo was inked on a part of his body that is visible when he is fully clothed. This latest crown tattoo can only be seen if JB is shirtless, so … he is killing two birds with one stone. Using the opportunity to show off his new tattoo AND get his fans whipped up into a voting frenzy serves two purposes at the same time. The kid’s a genius! I’m not sure if these photos are enough to get YOU to #votebieber but I guess you can’t blame the kid for trying.

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