Watch: Petite Meller’s ‘NYC Time’ Video Is The Coolest, Weirdest, ‘American Apparel’-est Thing Ever


PITNBRS, I think I’ve just found a cure for the Mondays. Seriously! Ten minutes ago, I’d never heard the name ‘Petite Meller,’ and now, I’m patiently awaiting a response to my Facebook Friend Request, lol. Who is this singer?! And why is her new track, NYC Time, currently on repeat? The singer (who apparently has a MA in Philosophy) got some help from Napoleon Habeica for this video– this guy invented the American Apparel marketing campaigns, and you can totally see the influence in the visuals. I love it!Oh, and  A.T. Mann co-directed. I also love that some anonymous man of color is carrying her to NYC. Where she is then joined by a group of anonymous more um men of color… and later hangs out with cops… also men of color. LMAO. I dunno, I might hate that. Haven’t decided yet. But, on the whole, I def love this video, and the song is absolutely my new jam. Checkie out!


  • chirs

    I want to like this but like Katy Perry I am creeped out by this cartoonish (read childish) sexuality being sold here. Gross.

    • Shannon

      chirs, I got that vibe too. And a few other awk vibes, as I pointed out in the post, lol. But ultimately, the song just won me over. Still it’s interesting stuff to thing about. And I saw her described on other sites as the new ‘Lolita’ or something, which was funny. Somehow ‘Lolita’ has become a pop culture image that many are drawn too. Thanks for commenting!

  • soulmel

    cure for mondays thru friday!!

    • Shannon

      soulmel, yeeah! Glad you likey!

  • Dezden

    LMAO! You are SO awesome… “I’m patiently awaiting a response to my Facebook Friend Request”–If I didn’t love you already (I did), I do now! ;)

    • Shannon

      Dezden, my girl!!! UPDATE: Friend request ACCEPTED. Hells yeah ;)

  • kangol1996

    IM SO ALL OVER THIS SONG!! REPEAT x today n tomoro

    • Shannon

      kangol1996 so glad you commented today! Had this on repeat yesterday and totally forgot that I should be doing the same for today, lol!

    • kangol1996

      shannon girl – ur the coolest blogger talker i met so far ;)))))))))))))

    • Shannon

      kangol1996, I never replied to this??? Thank you so much– you guys really make this the best job ever :)

  • jeremainecrow

    This is so RAD!!! The style, the song I’m addicted