Watch: Missy Elliott Teases Her Two New Singles, ‘9th Inning’ & ‘Triple Threat’


It was reported last week that we will be getting two new singles from Missy Misdemeanor Elliott THIS WEEK. Over the weekend, Missy jumped up on stage at an event for the Fountainbleu Hotel and she performed a string of her hit songs … including portions of her new singles 9th Inning and Triple Threat. Watch the video above for a taste of what we SHOULD be hearing this week once the singles are released officially … and hopefully.

  • Jennifer

    I can’t listen to the distortion in my hungover state, but I CANNOT wait for more Missy Misdemeanor Elliott in my life. She needs to come out as gay already and sweet this gal off her feet. ;)

  • kiskillilla

    SO excited! I can’t wait to hear the crystal clear versions without the speaker distortion. ♥♥ About time she came back. Always loved her creativity.