The Awesome 80s Run! Was Totally Awesome!


OMG … OK … I finally have a minute to breathe again!! My weekend was a really bizzy one and, as I’m sure you noticed, I haven’t been able to blog at all due to the fact that I’ve been RUNNING MY BUNS OFF all over Southern California. I ran back to back races on Saturday and Sunday, a 10K and a Half Marathon. Surprisingly, I did pretty well in both races AND I felt awesome both during and after both races. I felt so good yesterday that I went dancing last night … after my 13.1 mile race early in the morning. Crazy, I know. First up, I ran the Awesome 80s Run! 10K at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, CA and as you can see from the photos below, it was a totally tubular experience.

For the first time in my “racing career”, I wasn’t able to run with my BFF Ollie. She missed out on registration and the Awesome 80s Run! sold out on her. Thankfully, my friend Ling (who I met thru my friend Adam) wisely signed up for the race in time and we were able to run it together. I had only hung out with Ling once before our race on Saturday but we are besties now. You really bond with someone after you run with them for an hour straight. She and I really bonded and we really had the best time EVER! It was so fun seeing everyone get into the 80s spirit … it was an absolute and total blast! I had so much fun … I’m doing it again. On October 27, I’ll be heading down to San Diego to run this same Awesome 80s Run! there, too!! They’ll be having races like this in San Francisco, Chicago, NYC … it’s a fun time, I highly recommend it.

After our awesome race, Ling, Adam and I went out for some grub … where we bonded even further. I have to give LOTS OF LOVE to David for coming out to support us and to take photos for us. He has been so bizzy with work (I can’t even tell you) but he devoted his weekend to me. I just love him.

I got to rest for about 15 seconds before I packed up my bags and hit the road for Anaheim. The Disneyland Half Marathon was next up Sunday morning so … we had to stay in Anaheim over night. Stay tuned, I’ll have photos from that race coming up soon.

  • rOXy

    No one can do the 80’s like you. Your running outfit was like, totally Awesome 80’s! I admire your energy, dedication, perserverance and fortitude.

  • Shannon

    That main pic, OMG I love! Trent, you did it! Agghhhh!!!!!

  • kat :)

    There’s an 80’s run in San Diego? Aww man, I want to do it! Maybe next year- looks like a blast! (And I totally want to rock the wedgie leotard)

  • Dezden

    I can’t believe you did these back-to-back! So cool!!