First Listen: Alicia Keys Releases A New Song With Nicki Minaj, Titled ‘Girl On Fire’


Alicia Keys will be performing this song at the MTV VMAs on Thursday but we get to hear it now! And… it’s kind of awesome! I definitely like this track a lot more than the first single we heard (New Day) off the new Alicia Keys album. And praise the gods, Nicki Minaj takes a break from her Barbie/Roman/those other people voices and sounds like a real, live rapper! Sigh… I love when that happens. Take a listen and peep the lyrics for Girl On Fire at DirectLyrics. I’m very interested in seeing what Alicia’s VMA performance will look like. She’s got a new ‘do, a new look, she can totally actually sing, and perhaps she’ll be bring Nicki on the stage with. Methinks we have some good times ahead!

  • Dezden

    The song is blocked in my country (USA? LOL)… but I will just wait until Thursday to hear it. I’ll take your word that it’s good. :)

  • Lacey

    She kind of looks like David Bowie in the Ziggy Stardust era in that photo. Weird