First Listen: Alicia Keys Releases A New Song With Nicki Minaj, Titled ‘Girl On Fire’

'Looks Like A Girl, But She's A Flame'
Someone's On Fire!

Alicia Keys will be performing this song at the MTV VMAs on Thursday but we get to hear it now! And… it’s kind of awesome! I definitely like this track a lot more than the first single we heard (New Day) off the new Alicia Keys album. And praise the gods, Nicki Minaj takes a break from her Barbie/Roman/those other people voices and sounds like a real, live rapper! Sigh… I love when that happens. Take a listen and peep the lyrics for Girl On Fire at DirectLyrics. I’m very interested in seeing what Alicia‘s VMA performance will look like. She’s got a new ‘do, a new look, she can totally actually sing, and perhaps she’ll be bring Nicki on the stage with. Methinks we have some good times ahead!

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  1. The song is blocked in my country (USA? LOL)… but I will just wait until Thursday to hear it. I’ll take your word that it’s good. :)

  2. Lacey

    She kind of looks like David Bowie in the Ziggy Stardust era in that photo. Weird

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