Enjoy These Photos Of Michael Fassbender And David Victori At The Venice Film Festival


Soooo Michael Fassbender was all up in the Venice Film Festival kickin’ it with director David Victori and it was awesome (apparently). Well, the awesome part mainly being the pics. Because it’s Fassy. And I just watched Shame a little while back and sooo… yeah. Fassy. Good times. That final sex scene. Cray. I know I’m late but whatever! David is a Spanish filmmaker and won the first ever edition of YouTube’s Your Film Festival (held during the Venice Film Festival) for his short film The Guilt. Bottom line: there’s some serious eye candy up in this photo gallery, depending on what you’re into. So, like… if you’re into hot guys who are also tall and also talented then yeah. Enjoy!

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News

  • lala

    You crack me up Shannon! Love your fun posts!

    • Shannon

      lala… the ‘hot guy’ posts are always the fun posts, lol :) Glad you likey!

  • Ben@pr

    Fassbender is always so happy, even when paparazzi are photographing him. It makes him look grateful for all his well deserved success.

  • ErickT

    Just for this time I’d go with the dark guy, damn he´s so hot!