Chad Kroeger Admits He Was Embarrassed To Tell His Mom He Got Engaged To Avril Lavigne


A couple of weeks ago we learned that Canadian rocker and Nickelback frontman Chad Kroeger got himself engaged to be married to Canadian popstar Avril Lavigne, seemingly out of nowhere. At the time that news of this engagement was revealed, there were a lot of cringing looks of chagrin all over the place … even, apparently, from Kroeger himself. In a new interview, Chad admits that he was embarrassed to tell his mother of his engagement to Avril Lavigne … a feeling that I think MANY of us can understand. Yikes!

After a nine month whirlwind romance, Nickleback frontman, Chad Krueger is now happily engaged to popstar Avril Lavigne, who he has not even introduced to his parents yet. And while some people may find it embarrassing that his future wife hasn’t met her prospective in-laws yet, Krueger was more red-faced by the fact that his mother is a huge fan of Lavigne’s music. He said: ”You never know what your parents are going to say when you tell them you’re getting married – especially when it’s with someone they haven’t met yet. My mom is a huge fan of Avril’s, so putting her on speakerphone and telling her the news was hilarious and equally embarrassing.” He added: ”I find [going back home] almost as terrifying as telling your parents you’re going to tie the knot. You just never know when someone is going to come out of the woodwork with a story that’s starts with, ‘Let me tell you about the time…'”

LOL! If Chad was embarrassed to tell his parents about his engagement to Avril, can you imagine how she must’ve felt telling her parents that she is marrying the lead singer of Nickleback? LORD! There is PLENTY of embarrassment to go around. And then there’s us, the general public, our secondhand embarrassment cannot be taken for granted. Just a whole lotta YIKES! all around.


  • ClaireMichelle

    SO much secondhand embarrassment! Hahaha. Well, hopefully it all works out for this odd pair.

  • ella

    I always assumed that Chad Kroeger had long since reached his lifetime quota of embarrassment, and could no longer feel it at all, and that that’s how he gets through his life of being Chad Kroeger. Hearing that he is still capable of feeling embarrassment makes me wonder how he gets through each day.

    • @ella — LOL!!!

    • Joan


  • splacer

    Her haircut is embarassing.

  • shannon

    So how long until we hear that Avril’s pregnant? I think I heard someone loading a shotgun somewhere…

  • cutitout

    Why is God letting this happen?

  • Diana de León


  • Brittany

    He looks so strange without the long hair and full goatee. They are such a strange but fitting pair.

  • Bethany

    Wait, now it’s 9 months? The original announcement I thought said 6 months, plus there’s the rumors that he was dating someone else until May, which would make it 3 months…they are really really trying to spin this as not a shotgun decision.

  • claire

    They kinda look alike in that photo, no? Creepy.