Britney Spears Chills With Ellen DeGeneres


We are mere DAYS away from the season two premiere of The X Factor and the DEBUT of Britney Spears as X Factor judge … and to promote this exciting event, our dear Britney will be making a few in person appearances to promote the show. Next week, Britney will appear on The Ellen DeGenres Show to talk X Factor (and more?) and this week she shares a photo she took with Ellen from one of her previous appearances on the show. Click below to see the photo in full and get a peek of the fun that these two like to share.

You’ve GOTTA love that Britney is busting out her signature laugh. Love. This. Entirely. Every time Britney gets together with her BFF Ellen, they always have the best time. Remember when they went Xmas Caroling together here in LA back in December of 2008? Brilliant! I can’t wait to see what these two have up their sleeves this time around. Make sure you watch Ellen next week to see these two in action.


  • al

    that’s an old photo during Britney’s ITZ promotion

    those were the days

    • @al — OH, it is!! Still, she will be on Ellen’s show next week … I’ll fix the post. THANKS!!

  • al

    that pic is from 2004 during her ITZ promo, when she did like 5000 sit ups

  • nicole

    oh wow…that christmas caroling episode was in 2008? wow..i didnt think it was that long ago.

  • Dezden

    Yayyyy!!! So excited for all this Britney-ness. My fav little girls–Sophia Grace and Rosie–are back in LA as well, so I’m hoping they’re going to be on Ellen here soon too! :)