Usher’s Ex-Wife Tameka Foster Files An Appeal Over The Recent Custody Decision


Last week we got word that Tameka Foster was none-too-pleased when a judge ruled in favor of Usher, and awarded him primary custody of their two sons. Tameka has now filed an official motion of appeal and is making it clear that she believes Usher’s lawyers were closely involved in the judge’s re-election campaign, giving Usher an unfair and unethical advantage in the case. Deets inside.

TMZ has the update:

Usher’s ex-wife Tameka Raymond is making good on her promise to fight a court order stripping her of child custody of their two children.

We broke the story … Tameka lost an arduous custody battle last week when a judge ruled in Usher’s favor, awarding him primary custody of their two young boys.

Tameka vowed to appeal the decision … by filing a motion for new trial on grounds the judge was biased in Usher’s favor.

Tameka claims the judge has a strong tie to Usher’s lawyer, claiming the attorney was personally responsible for nearly half of the contributions to the judge’s re-election campaign in 2008.  What’s more … Tameka alleges Usher’s lawyer served on the judge’s re-election campaign committee.

Tameka also insists NO evidence was presented showing she couldn’t take care of her kids.

Tameka also claims there was clear evidence of Usher’s “past, current, and future inability” to care for the kids.

The judge hasn’t ruled on her motion.

It sounds to me like this is about to be one helluva case; I don’t see Tameka sitting back and accepting the decision as it now stands. A lot of y’all thought that it was very telling that the judge ruled in favor of Usher. This is something that we don’t see often (a father getting full custody of children, when the mother is seemingly healthy and interested and raising her children) so, on the one hand, it might be easy to believe that something unethical is popping off between the judge and Usher’s lawyers.

Sadly, we’ve also witnessed some viciousness on Tameka’s part; all of which could very well be attributed to the loss of her son Kile, but others have said it’s difficult to be completely sympathetic to someone who writes horrible tweets about another woman (Usher’s new girlfriend) and her inability to have children.

Whatever happens, here’s hoping things get better for the children. Ultimately, little Usher Raymond V and  Naviyd Ely Raymond are the ones most affected by the decisions their parents and the courts make.

Source Photo Credit: Getty Images