Run The Disneyland Half Marathon With Me


OMG, the Awesome 80s Run! 10K was so much fun yesterday, I can’t WAIT to tell you all about it … but it is now 4:14AM and I am almost out the door to run the Disneyland Half Marathon. Folks, THIS is the race that started all this running for me … this is the race that I’ve been preparing for since March 1 …. THIS IS THE RACE! I’m so excited and a bit nervous but most of all … anxious! I promise to let you guys know how my races yesterday and today went in a post later today but … right now I have to go for a RUN with a lot of other Disney fans. I want YOU to come along with me, click below to find out how.

If you like, you can sign up HERE to get updates from my run along the way … as I run the race. OR, you can visit my Facebook page HERE and leave me comments that will be read to me as I run the race. Around 5:45AM PT (8:45AM ET) I will begin the race and a post will go live on my FB letting you know that I’ve started running. If you leave a comment there, my Runmeter app will read it aloud to me :) I heard your comments yesterday, it would make me so happy to hear your comments today :) I’m off, no time to really do anything but … run.

Keep a good thought for me … I’m OUT!

  • DLou

    Hi Trent, I must admit after coming to PITNB for several years in January I quit visiting, but returned in July. I was so surprised to read about your running and am now so happy for you! Living in Germany I wasn´t even aware that there is a Disney Marathon. This now is my motivation to get my ass off the sofa and get into shape. A full marathon seems impossible, but maybe I can manage half of one :-) Congratulations on your acccomlishment! DLou

  • rOXy

    YAY!!!!!!!!! Congratulations, Trent. You’re so awesome! I wish I had not been involved in wedding festivities this weekend so I could have messaged you along the way, but next time for sure! But please know that this journey for you served as inspiration for me. I’ve never been a runner, other athletics have always been my game, but because of you, I want to run Disney next year (if it’s happening) and my training starts NOW.