Watch: ‘Calvin Klein’ Just Mashed-Up Supermodel Lara Stone And Salt-N-Pepa


Lara Stone has been making Calvin Klein ads since the beginning of time, but not everyone’s feelin’ her new jam. In a campaing for their new push-up bra (Push Positive… lol), Calvin Klein paired the face and body (and boob-age) of Lara Stone with Salt-N-Pepa’s 1987 classic Push It. The HuffPost had the nerve to describe the video as ‘awkward,’ and then went on to complain that Lara Stone was just ‘shimmying and writhing’ around– as if they expected more! She’s a supermodel! And this is exactly what I expected to see when I read the words ‘Lara Stone Dances For Calvin Klein.’ LMAO. I don’t know why people are mad (check out the haters on HuffPost, lol), but I thought this was pretty typical, and perfectly acceptable for an ad campaign (although I did disagree with another site that referenced Lara’s ‘fancy dance moves,’ lol). I’ve been to a club or two; this is how 79% of white girls dance to hip-hop! And they usually look pretty good! We as a society need to accept that– depending on your ethnicity and socio-economic background– shimmying and writhing (and tousling your hair about) is a totally appropriate form of dancing. Shouts-out to Lara. Haters, go on and hate! Everyone else, don’t take these facts and figures too seriously. It’s Saturday ;)