Britney’s Bikini Body Is On A Whole ‘Nother Level


Earlier this summer Britney Spears tweeted some pics of herself and the fam in Hawaii and one of the pics (an unforgettable bikini shot) was so nice we had to share it twice. But the singer has clearly been putting in twerk because she tweeted another photo as August came to an end and, if it’s possible, the abs are lookin even cray-er (yup… cray-er). Peep the photo inside and give props where props are due: Britney looks amazing.

Britney needs to go somewhere with these abs:




So there’s that to deal with as summer comes to a close and you realize you only worked out, like, three times. But whatever! There’s always next summer, and now you (aka ‘I’) have a picture to hang on the proverbial wall of ab-related aspirations, lol. Thanks Britney!


  • jennifer

    Ugh, I need to work out harder. I still have to get my abs back from having my baby. Except he’s 16 months now. lol. I kind of have some, but not where it was before I got pregnant. I guess I should be glad I fit in my pants again though.

    • Shannon

      jennifer, yes, pants are important! Congratulations on baby! If he’s only 16 months and you’ve started working out, then you get hella props for that alone. May Britney inspire you (and me) to keep at it, lol!

  • Lyla

    looks like someone is getting wedding dress ready! ;-)

    • Shannon

      Lyla, you might be right. That wedding dress is NOT READY, lol!

  • sandy

    Daaaaaaaayum. She’s making me feel guilty for eating this sugary cereal right now and skipping Zumba last night.
    I may need to put her picture on the fridge.

    • Shannon

      sandy, lol. This is def THE picture-perfect picture on the fridge!

  • Alyssa

    Holy hottness!!
    It’s the Britney from ten years ago!

  • Steve

    “But the actress has clearly been putting in twerk because she tweeted another photo”
    The actress?? you meant the singer? :)

    • Shannon

      Lol, thanks Steve ;)

    • Shannon

      Everyone else, myself included, must have been distracted by the abs!