YIKES! David Beckham Wears Socks & Sandals . . . IN PUBLIC!!!


It’s no secret that David Beckham is as fashionable as they come. Among the male fashionistas of the world, Becks is RIGHT up there at the top with the best of them. I dare say that Becks is one of if not THE most best-dressed man in the world … well, usually. Now, I get it … fashionistas cannot be fashionistas all of the time (well, except for the Anna Wintours of the world) and I am willing to forgive the occasional fashion faux pas or two … but some things are unforgivable. Utterly and Completely … unforgivable. David Beckham was spotted at Whole Foods here in SoCal this week wearing a very casual, very comfy outfit — no problem there. The problem comes in when you see that he was also wearing sandals … with SOCKS! UGH!

I know, I know … there are no words for the amount of tragedy seen here. Not only is Becks wearing this horrid sandals and socks combination … but he’s wearing those terrible Adidas sandals that college guys wear in the dorm showers. The only other “celebrity” who has an affinity for these Adidas slip-on sandals is Kevin Federline — AND THAT SPEAKS VOLUMES RIGHT THERE!

OY! As terrible as this truly, truly is … I still love me some Becks. But, they say love is blind … and I kinda wish I was blind right now. I may be able to forget this fashion atrocity … in time … but I will never, ever be able to forget :(

[Photo credit: Bauer-Griffin]

  • Heather

    to help ya out a lil, yes it is socks with sandals, but those are soccer slides and are made to go with socks. much more comfy with them. they rub your toes wrong sockless. just my opinion since i own 3 pair. i throw them on after i take my cleats off.

  • Megan

    Yeah, I forgive those sandals. Those are meant for socks. I usually hate socks with sandals too.

  • Chris

    It’s kind of a soccer thing. Not attractive, but commonly done.

    • @Chris — I object.

  • Ben@pr

    Men of the world rejoice!!!! Thanks to Becks this is THE look for comfort!!!! LOL

  • cutitout

    Its not like they are flip flops. I hate flip flops on everyone with or without socks. I can only tolerate them within 100 feet of a pool, the ocean, or a lake. They are not everywhere attire. Men should never where sandals anyways, but if so, this is the only way to do it.

  • romesf415

    overreacting. why is this even news?

    • @romesf415 — LOL. do you even know where you are?!?!

  • Mer

    Lolol. Sandals with socks are just FUGLY, regardless of whether it’s comfier to wear them that way. Of course, it’s all in personal taste but… Hopefully this does not ruin your love for Becks, Trent. :P

    • @Mer — With the love and support of understanding people like you, I think I’ll be OK. Well, I hope …

  • Nat

    I think the pants are much more atrocious.

  • rOXy

    With you on this one, Trent. I am terribly sad that my beloved Becks looks like any other chump who doesn’t care. Why is no one saying anything about the beanie? It was downright HOT in LA last week. This looks like he doesn’t know what season he’s in. Becks, darling, LA is a natural desert. Looks like he just rolled out of bed or off the couch and the queen of his world sent him on an errand.