Watch: Taylor Swift Releases The FULL Music Video For ‘We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together’


Earlier this week Taylor Swift gave us a teeny tiny peek at her music video for her new break up single We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together. Today, she unleashes the music video in FULL. The vid was shot in one continuous take but I understand it took 17 takes to get it just right. The video is really cute and if you watch closely, you can see how difficult it must’ve been to film the video perfectly in one take. Check it out, see what you think.

*If the embed above won’t work, you can watch the video HERE.

  • miguel

    The video is SO cute. Didn’t like the song, but….I may grow to like it with the video…

  • Amélie

    LMFAO thanks to the musicians dressed like animals. This video is brilliant !!! I am a huge cinema fan, obsessed with sequence shots, so i totally aprove this music video. PLUS : i’m so in love with Taylor, she’s getting more and more funny and sharp. A musician like this is so rare in pop music, i just wanna thank her each time i see or hear her. Ahah.

  • Melissa

    Is it just me or did that guy resemble Jake Gyllenhaal?

  • hege