Watch: PITNB Relives And Re-lurves Our Favorite Hits Re-imagined


6. Outkast Re-Imagined by Obadiah Parker: Hey Ya
Another so-called oldie, but a true goodie. Acoustic saves all.


7. R. Kelly Re-Imagined by Joseph Gordon-Levitt: Ignition
When we celebrated the glory that is JGL, PITNBR LaLaLa was kind enough to share this video with us in the comments. And in doing so, she changed our lives forever.


8. Inception Re-Imagined by Staffordshire University and Lego
There is simply nothing cooler than a Lego re-make. Nothing.


9. Taken Re-imagined by Captain Hippo
This parody changed my life when we first watched it earlier this month. It’s so accurate, in so many ways.


10. Cape Fear Re-Imagined by Judd Apatow and Ben Stiller
This is probably my favorite movie parody of all time. Nobody does it like 90s Ben Stiller and Judd Apatow. Enjoy!

  • nicole

    ok i LOVED that mash up. they need to release a soundtrack for this movie!
    and LOL @ the Aaliyah post.. if i remember right, you werent suppose to tell anyone about me liking the mash up Shannon!

    • Shannon

      nicole, the soundtrack comes out in October:

      About the other mash-up… my bad! I’ll uhh ‘edit’ the post ;)

    • nicole

      oh yay! im not usually excited for soundtracks..but i gotta get my hands on this on,

      as for the post edit…haha i seriously love you Shannon, you always give me a good laugh.

  • AJ

    Oh man, every new snippit and clip of this movie makes me more excited. This is going to blow Glee out of the water and I love Glee haha.