Watch: PITNB Relives And Re-lurves Our Favorite Hits Re-imagined

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Just The Way You Are/Just A Dream Mash-Up!

We’ve heard a lot of awesome musical covers and mash-ups this summer, which is why it’s gonna be especially awesome to see and hear Anna Kendrick and the other ladies of the upcoming movie Pitch Perfect re-imagine some of our favorite hits in October. I’m still reeling from the No Diggity remix we heard a while back and now we’ve got a new clip, where The Bellas re-imagine Just The Way You Are by Bruno Mars. Their re-mix is cray! Why aren’t more people mashing up Bruno Mars and Nelly?! That brilliant idea alone deserves a celebration, so we’re remembering some of our other favorite hits (mainly music, but a few movies too) re-imagined, inside. Enjoy!

1. Aaliyah and Gotye Re-Imagined by Mad Mix Mustang: Are You That Somebody/That I Used To Know
A certain PITNBR (who shall remain nameless) wanted all Gotye hands off Aaliyah when we first heard this, lol. But even she had to (kinda) admit that this mash-up was good. And IMO, it was the coolest thing we’d heard all summer.


2. Sade Re-Imagined by Frank Ocean: By Your Side
Frank. Can. Do. No. Wrong.


3. Rihanna Re-Imagined by Mandy Moore: Umbrella
This is a throwback! Do y’all remember this?


4. TLC Re-Imagined by Kelly Clarkson: No Scrubs
Ms. Clarkson has been killin’ the covers this summer; here’s one of my personal faves.


5. Chris Brown, Lil Wayne, and Busta Rhymes Re-Imagined by Karmin: Look At Me Now
Karmin debuted a new music video this summer and we totally had to go back and listen to some of their early covers. PITNBR aubrey reminded me of the awesomeness that was this:


More covers, mash-ups, and re-imaginings on the next page!

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  1. ok i LOVED that mash up. they need to release a soundtrack for this movie!
    and LOL @ the Aaliyah post.. if i remember right, you werent suppose to tell anyone about me liking the mash up Shannon!

  2. AJ

    Oh man, every new snippit and clip of this movie makes me more excited. This is going to blow Glee out of the water and I love Glee haha.

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