Watch: PITNB Relives And Re-lurves Our Favorite Hits Re-imagined


We’ve heard a lot of awesome musical covers and mash-ups this summer, which is why it’s gonna be especially awesome to see and hear Anna Kendrick and the other ladies of the upcoming movie Pitch Perfect re-imagine some of our favorite hits in October. I’m still reeling from the No Diggity remix we heard a while back and now we’ve got a new clip, where The Bellas re-imagine Just The Way You Are by Bruno Mars. Their re-mix is cray! Why aren’t more people mashing up Bruno Mars and Nelly?! That brilliant idea alone deserves a celebration, so we’re remembering some of our other favorite hits (mainly music, but a few movies too) re-imagined, inside. Enjoy!

1. Aaliyah and Gotye Re-Imagined by Mad Mix Mustang: Are You That Somebody/That I Used To Know
A certain PITNBR (who shall remain nameless) wanted all Gotye hands off Aaliyah when we first heard this, lol. But even she had to (kinda) admit that this mash-up was good. And IMO, it was the coolest thing we’d heard all summer.


2. Sade Re-Imagined by Frank Ocean: By Your Side
Frank. Can. Do. No. Wrong.


3. Rihanna Re-Imagined by Mandy Moore: Umbrella
This is a throwback! Do y’all remember this?


4. TLC Re-Imagined by Kelly Clarkson: No Scrubs
Ms. Clarkson has been killin’ the covers this summer; here’s one of my personal faves.


5. Chris Brown, Lil Wayne, and Busta Rhymes Re-Imagined by Karmin: Look At Me Now
Karmin debuted a new music video this summer and we totally had to go back and listen to some of their early covers. PITNBR aubrey reminded me of the awesomeness that was this:


More covers, mash-ups, and re-imaginings on the next page!

  • nicole

    ok i LOVED that mash up. they need to release a soundtrack for this movie!
    and LOL @ the Aaliyah post.. if i remember right, you werent suppose to tell anyone about me liking the mash up Shannon!

    • Shannon

      nicole, the soundtrack comes out in October:

      About the other mash-up… my bad! I’ll uhh ‘edit’ the post ;)

    • nicole

      oh yay! im not usually excited for soundtracks..but i gotta get my hands on this on,

      as for the post edit…haha i seriously love you Shannon, you always give me a good laugh.

  • AJ

    Oh man, every new snippit and clip of this movie makes me more excited. This is going to blow Glee out of the water and I love Glee haha.