Watch And Rejoice: ‘Scandal’ Takes Us Behind The Scenes Of The Upcoming Season


There’s not a lot to say… Scandal is coming back for a second season and nobody better call me on September 27! I will spend one half of that day watching the entire first season again on Hulu, and the second half desperately trying to get my lips to rival Kerry Washington’s. Even if I fail, at least I’ll be ready for the show, lol. OMG. Yes. The show! I can’t wait. And now we have a little behind-the-scenes footage to hold us over, courtesy of Kerry Washington’s Twitter. Enjoy!

  • Courtney

    This show….goodness. Every episode i was SHOCKED! Ok, Who do you think Quinn is?!? My guess was the Vice Presidents Daughter. lol

    • Shannon

      Courtney, good guess! I didn’t even bother to try… that show got me every time, lol! It’s absolutely my favorite show on TV.

      But I’m assuming Quinn has some kind of political affiliation or something like that. I cannot wait to find out!