Ryan Lochte Is Seriously Working On That Reality Show


A while back we heard that Olympic gold medalist Ryan Lochte was interested in being on a reality show, and it looks like those wheels are already in motion. Lochte recently revealed to Celebuzz that he’s currently in talks with E! Network (reality show home to Kevin Jonas, Mrs. Eastwood, and The Kardashians), but has been getting proposals from a few places. Don’t front like you’re not kinda, sorta interested in where all this is going, lol! Deets inside!

Celebuzz has the story:

Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte has certainly been a hot commodity since the Summer Olympics in which he captured 11 medals, the public’s admiration, several new sponsors and a lot of interest from various television networks and producers.

“I’ve been lucky enough to get all these proposals,” Lochte toldCelebuzz during our live The Daily Buzz show of his TV opportunities.

The 28-year-old, who recently shot a cameo for The CW’s upcoming season of 90210, did tell us that there was one network in particular that he has his eyes on: The E! Network.

“Yeah, we’re talking to them right now,” Lochte said of the cable channel.

What would his E! show be about?

“Pretty much, they follow me on my normal day, just training, doing my own fashion line,” he described.

And as for why he thinks the show would be a hit against all the other reality fare on TV, the athlete said, “It’s real. It’s not fake or anything like that.”

“It’s gonna be me, me being myself,” he continues. “And I’m pretty much going to show the world that and my new fashion line.”

Read more here. If Ryan breaks into the reality TV biz, he’ll be joining ya boy Michael Phelps, who recently signed on to do the upcoming season of Golf Channel’s The Haney Project. Nice!

So, here’s the real question: are you ready to see this guy, like all the time, on television, rocking pink speedos and ish? I can kinda get with the pink speedo bit, but thirty minutes of Ryan getting his ‘jeah’ on (shouts-out to Mc Eiht and/or Chris Byrnes)? I dunno, y’all. Lol. Honestly? I could see myself seriously watching it for all of seven minutes and then muting it– totally staying on that channel– just, ya know. Mute buttoning-it-up.


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  • Eli

    Shannon..I totally agree with you, I am beyond obsessed with this man as a swimmer and that physique..YUMM, but when he open his mouth, it just makes me want to change the channel.
    (let’s just hope he gets those ratings from girls that are willing to just watch on mute) lol

  • JC

    He’s just too sexy not to watch!

  • fab4runner

    This may be a repeat from me…but it remains true. And hilarious.