Joseph Gordon-Levitt Shows Off His ‘Looper’ New Face On The Cover Of ‘Cineplex’ Magazine


Back in June we got our first look at Joseph Gordon-Levitt and his new look in an extended trailer for his sci-fi film Looper. Today we get a better, close look at JGL’s new … face. In Looper, JGL plays a younger version of Bruce Willis (well, his character anyway) and as a result, JGL’s face was made to more closely resemble Willis’s face. Click below to see JGL on the cover and in the pages of the new issue of Cineplex magazine to see just how much they messed with perfection to make Joseph look more like Bruce for the film.

OMG, creepy, right? Without getting too much into the details of Looper it’s important to note that JGL’s character must battle Bruce Willis’s character in the film … Bruce goes back in time to face off with his younger self. I mean, obvs, there is more to the story but for this post, that’s about all you need know. That is why JGL has to be made to resemble Bruce Willlis:

I must admit, I’m intrigued by this film. The fact that it stars JGL is a big draw for me (even tho I’m not a huge Bruce Willis fan). I have to say, tho, that looking at Joe like this is very disconcerting. It’s as if someone took a masterpiece of art — Michaelangelo’s David or perhaps Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa — and decided to alter it significantly. I think we can all agree that JGL looks pretty damn good the way he is … but I can respect the dude for changing his face in this way for a film role. What do y’all think? Does Looper look/sound like a film that you’d like to see?


  • Jessica

    interested in the posts – NOT in the music ads. As a long time reader, I want to keep reading and posting but if the ads keep up, sorry Trent but I think you’ll loose a lot of readers.

    • schmee

      Those damn auto-play videos annoy the HELL out of me!

  • Shannon

    This is crazy! He really looks like a young Bruce around the eyes, so they did a great job. To the point of creepiness, lol. But yeah, they have messed with perfection. As long as it’s a temporary change and for the sake of art, I’m down for it, lol!

    • fab4runner

      Agreed. When I first saw the preview I was like “Wait…is that…JGL?”

      The movie looks pretty good and I definitely understand why they did it.

  • Megan

    Why couldn’t they change Bruce? lol

    • @Megan — Because they don’t have magic wands.

    • Shannon

      Trent! U wrooooong! LMAO!

  • rachel

    i’m definitely intrigued by the premise of this movie and i’m all over any JGL film, so i’m on board.

    btw, can you do a side-by-side of JGL, JGL for the film and bruce willis?? i think it would be great to see all three… just a thought.

  • Lisa Lisa

    What? This is crazy! How did they do it?

  • Sergeja

    Wow. I would never recognise him :O

  • Krissy

    Who knew that JGL+Bruce Willis= Edward Norton?

    • @Krissy — OMG, you are a FaceMath genius :D

    • Krissy

      Aw, thank you! I will be teaching a class next semester. ;)

    • xokimmy

      that is definitely who I thought it was when I first looked at the picture!

  • swile71

    At first glance I thought it was Edward Norton. Looks like a good movie.

  • Caitlin

    I’m glad other people thought he looks more like Edward Norton too! It’s pretty amazing, even if they did mess with perfection.

  • nicole

    ok so the other day at the movies, i saw the trailer for ‘Looper’…you have no idea how confused i was…i kept going to my nephew.. ‘is that JGL? noo thats not JGL..yes it is! no its not!’
    total mind fuck haha

  • Alyssa

    I’m still confused. What did they do to change his face?

    • @Alyssa — In the movie, he is playing the younger version of Bruce Willis’s character. When Bruce goes back in time, he is faced with his younger self — played by JGL.

    • Alyssa

      Hey Trent! I do know the premise of the movie and I’m really excited about it. But I’m trying to figure out what the movie makers did to change his face. Makeup and contacts? Post-production?