Watch: Tori Amos Releases A Music Video For ‘Flavor (Orchestral Version)’


Back in June we learned that Tori Amos is releasing a collection of songs later this year titled Gold Dust that features a selection of Amos’s songs re-recorded with an orchestra. Not so much a “greatest hits” compilation, Gold Dust is more of a 20 year career retrospective that presents Tori’s music in a new light. The first single from Gold Dust is the orchestral version of her song Flavor (which first appeared on her 2009 album Abnormally Attracted to Sin) and, as you can see above, the music video for the song has been released. The video was directed by Danielle Levitt and was filmed in NYC earlier this year. The release of this video is happy news for Tori fans but … I’m afraid I have some unhappy news about her upcoming tour to share. Click below for some truly bummer news :(

It turns out that Tori Amos will NOT be touring here in the US this year after all. Altho a set of concert dates was revealed early in the Summer, it has been confirmed by Undented that those dates have been canceled:

As many will recall, the early Gold Dust press indicated that an extremely limited number of orchestral concerts would take place in Europe and the US. However, any mention of US shows was later removed from the official site, the album site, etc., giving many pause about the possibility of those shows. Subsequently, we’ve gotten more than a few inquiries about when North American dates on the Gold Dust Orchestral Tour would be announced. Unfortunately, we’ve gotten confirmation, presumably due to some combination of cost and logistics, that there will be no additional orchestral dates, either in North America or Europe. The five European shows that have been announced — Rotterdam, Brussels, London, Warsaw and Berlin, for which tickets are already on sale — will be the only shows Tori will be doing with an orchestra to support the record. Needless to say, we’re disappointed to both hear and report this news. Hopefully at least some of those waiting for North American dates will be able to go to Europe…and before anyone asks, we’ve heard nothing about the possibility of a solo tour.

I cannot tell you how bummed I am by this news. I was really looking forward to seeing Tori in concert this year … both here in LA and in NYC. There is no way I can get to Europe for the 5 dates she has scheduled so … no Tori for me this year. I’m sure she has a good reason for canceling her US tour dates but … yeah, I’m bummed. The video is lovely and I am still very excited for the release of Gold Dust but … boo. Hopefully Tori will announce a tour for 2013 to make up for this disappointment.