Watch: The Veronicas Debut A Video For ‘Lolita’


Australian pop duo The Veronicas have returned to the music scene, five years after the debut of their sophomore album Hook Me Up. Now I’ll admit, I’m getting all of this info from DirectLyrics, the site that just debuted their newest video for Lolita. I know very little about the group, but I remember the name quite well (and the insanity that was Untouched, and I’m exploring a newfound lurve for electro-pop and (yes) dubstep. Plus, after I watched the video I knew it was time to get better acquainted with these twin sisters; the visuals for Lolita are intense and I was not expecting aliens, but there they were! Lolita is off The Veronicas’s forthcoming album Life In Mars… okay, yeah. The aliens make sense now :)

Any Veronicas fans in the building? I know PITNBR Casey was excited about this single a while back. And what do y’all think of Lolita, the literary character, going pop? Lana Del Rey has a Lolita track as well… what would Nabokov think?


  • Lena

    I love the song untouched, I’ve never have listened to any of their other stuff. I dont hate this.

  • Courtney

    I LOOOOOOOVE them! Shannon you should listen to Hook Me Up! Can’t wait for this new album :D

  • Rachel

    I adore The Veronica’s and I’m so excited they are putting out new music! Their first two albums are fabulous from start to finish and they definitely not afraid to take risks and try something new. Now, if we could just get iTunes in the U.S. to actually let us buy the new single!

  • olivia.n.m

    The entire Hook Me Up album is on my favourites playlist even if it is old! SO excited about their new album!

  • jamie

    love the veronica’s and think this song is awesome.. cant wait for more new music from them.