The ‘Twilight’ Studio Wants Kristen Stewart And Robert Pattinson To Reconcile


The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn-Part Two is creeping on a come-up and still no official word on the exact status of Robsten. Not cool! At least, for the studios it’s not cool. Executives of the Twilight franchise are at a bit of a loss as to how they might handle the upcoming premieres, and they’re hoping– against hope– that Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart will reunite before November for the sake of the movie’s success. And for the fans. That totally makes sense, right? Roll your eyes and shake your head over more details about the studio’s plight during this difficult time, inside.

The HuffPost has the story:

A report that Robert Pattinson is selling the Los Feliz home he shared with Kristen Stewart isn’t a good sign there’s a reconciliation in the couple’s future — much to the disappointment of “Twilight” executives at Summit Entertainment.

The New York Post reports that studio execs have been hoping Pattinson can forgive Stewart for cheating on him with director Rupert Sanders, and get back together. The couple met on the set of the first “Twilight” movie back in 2008, and their romance offscreen has played a huge role in the obsessive fan-driven success of the film franchise.

With the fifth installment of the saga, “Breaking Dawn — Part 2,” due in theaters in November, the looming breakup presents plenty of awkward press obligations for Pattinson, Stewart and the executives…

There might be some hope though for Robsten fans and anxious “Twilight” executives. Lookmagazine reported that Pattinson feels sorry for Stewart due to the way she has been portrayed as a villain, while he gets all the sympathy, and he’s ready to meet with her.

That meeting could be good news for studio executives who still haven’t nailed down the details of the press tour for “Breaking Dawn — Part 2.”

“The studio’s holding out to see if they get back together. But I don’t think anyone is banking on that happening,” an insider revealed to the New York Post. “At this point, the press strategy would have been mapped out. It’s usually very organized, but at this time it’s undecided.”

There is the possibility that Stewart and Pattinson could attend premieres separately if they don’t reconcile, which could actually stand to benefit the film. The question of whether or not they’ll attend a premiere together is great free publicity for Summit, which stands to benefit from the outcome of their relationship regardless.

It sounds to me like the studio wins either way! If Kristen and Rob show up reunited (and feeling so good), then everyone (including… me) will go cray! If they show up at separate premieres, then everyone will go cray! And if neither of them shows up, or Rob makes an appearance but Kristen doesn’t, or they both show up totally still broken up but kind of make eye contact with each other, everyone will go cray! It’s gonna be a big deal no matter what.

However, I’m sure Twihards everywhere would be affected on an even grander scale, if some reconciliation were afoot. But here’s hoping that Kristen and Robert don’t take that into consideration during any decision-making conversations, assuming their relationship status is still up in the air.

I’ll admit, I’m interested in seeing where this story goes but sometimes, it gets to be a little ridiculous, lol! I can’t even believe the studios would make it so known that they’re literally and financially invested in this relationship. Granted, we can all assume that they want things to play out a certain way, but there’s something really weird about people coming right out and saying, ‘we need them to get back together so our franchise doesn’t suffer.’ But, that’s just my personal opinion on Hollywierd, the great.

What do you guys think about this whole movement? Is it possible that Rob and Kristen are taking the movie and the fans into consideration during this time? Do they owe anything to the fans, or is this a totally personal matter that should be separated from Twilight (hard as that may be)?




  • Joan

    No way in hell they are going to take fans or the studio into consideration. Crazy fans would like to think they do, though. I can see how it could turn into a scheduling nightmare for the studio, and Kristen and Rob may have to play nice to some extend for BD promo tour (even if it’s just by being civilized— ahem, I mean, professional—), but I don’t think it’ll go any deeper than that, though. Not with these two.

    But seriously, I’m with you on this: the studio wins either way. I’ll still skip the movie, but I will be watching that darned premiere to see what happens. The thought wouldn’t have crossed my mind a month ago. lol If the decide to get back together, they are brave souls. Bless them. They thought they had it bad before? The media is going to eat them up.

  • laurenl

    Haha, I like that, either way… I’m gonna go cray!

  • aubrey

    I never thought I’d come to Twilight’s defense but as someone who appreciates the art of cinema, I have to speak.
    It will be such a waste of good production money if people choose not to see Breaking Dawn 2 because of the artists’ personal lives. I mean, what if the movie really turns out to be well-made and entertaining? Just saying.

  • Serenity

    If this involved any other stars, I’d think there was a chance that they’d fake a reconciliation just to boost the movie’s performance. However, Rob seems like a, well, normal person. I can’t imagine him doing such a BS move just to promote things.