Watch: ‘The X-Factor’ Releases A FLAWLESS Britney Spears-Specific Video Promo

Bow. Down.
Flawlessness This Way

Back in July we got our first look at a promo video for The X Factor that showcased a very catty Britney Spears. Today we get to check out a NEW video promo for the show that is also Britney Spears-specific. This time around, tho, Britney isn’t so much catty as she is FLAWLESS IN EVERY SINGLE WAY. Yes, I know I may be exaggerating things a bit but I simply cannot help myself … I am BEYOND excited to see Britney as judge on The X Factor. Check out this new video promo and see our Queen in action. She is going to rule all. RULE ALL!

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  1. She is adorable! I’m actually excited to watch her on X Factor!

  2. Love this promo! I can’t wait to see her in action every week.

  3. Her face when she realises how they’ve taken the “I wish you could wake me up!” comment…I DIE!

  4. “i wanna know..who let you on stage” < that made me choke on my drink haha.

  5. Amanda

    I cannot wait for this, Britney is unbelievably adorable!

  6. Mark

    September 12th can’t get here soon enough!!

  7. Devonte

    The QUEEN! I am not worthy, I AM NOT WORTHY!

  8. JCZ

    I’m pretty sure you forgot the ‘Bitches.’ after Bow. Down. cause…

    Bitches gon get SLAYED!

  9. JC

    I’m TOOOO excited!!!! I still can’t believe this is happening!

  10. crackers

    I LOVE Demi’s laugh!

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