Watch: FX Releases A Ninth Teaser Clip For ‘American Horror Story: Asylum’


Earlier today we got to see American Horror Story: Asylum on the cover and in the pages of this week’s issue of Entertainment Weekly magazine (which, you may recall, also features some of the new characters that will appear on the show — both new and old faces) and right now we get to check out the just-released ninth teaser clip for the show. This is one of those video clips that you simply must watch with your computer speakers turned WAY UP. So go ahead … turn up the volume, then watch the clip above. You’re welcome.

  • nicole

    when i see “turn speakers up”…i automatically turn them down haha

    • GH

      Me too!!

  • Jessi

    I play it low first then turn it up so I know what I’m expecting hahaha. What is it saying though?! I still can’t make it out…